Buying an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® Franchise

Buying a franchise is an investment, one of the most important ones you can make in your life. Naturally, as a professional, you'll want to go with a franchise that gives you the advantages you need to succeed in today's competitive world. That franchise is Oxi Fresh.

We give you a protected territory when you buy a franchise from us, which means other Oxi Fresh franchisees cannot engage in direct marketing in your area. This prevents unproductive, internal competition between franchisees. Oxi Fresh was designed to avoid the brand cannibalization that is rampant in the cleaning industry.

Going hand in hand with our protected territories is our thorough business support. With everything from a turnkey marketing plan, an online Customer Relationship Management software system, a robust SEO plan, and a Scheduling Center that books your appointments, Oxi Fresh offers its carpet cleaning franchises the tools necessary for success.

Of course, our green carpet cleaning system is no slouch either, with a fast, one hour dry time, green cleaning practices, and oxygen based solutions that do amazing things. We have a service customers love and are willing to pay for - and, at the end of the day, that's one of the most important things you can get when a buying a franchise.

How to Buy a Franchise from Oxi Fresh®

To get started with buying a franchise, all you have to do is fill out this form. Afterwards, you'll receive an email to our virtual brochure and a call from one of our franchise developers who can work with you to find out if buying a franchise with Oxi Fresh is the best investment for you.

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