The Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Franchise Formula

Running the Right Business

As a professional, you of course know that expense, effort, and profit all go hand in hand. In fact, it's very much like a formula. Just as zero times zero equals zero, you can't make a cent unless you invest time and money. So the key is finding the formulas with best ratio between how much you have to put in to a business versus how much you get out of it. Oxi Fresh's carpet cleaning franchises provide that ideal formula.

The first part of the formula is the investment, the purchase of your carpet cleaning franchise. Oxi Fresh's initial franchise fee is $35.9K, with an overall investment between $40.7K and $63.1K - a price that's put Oxi Fresh on Entrepreneur's Top Low Cost Franchises list three times now, in 2012, 2011, and 2009. So it's low cost, but what do you actually get for your investment?

The tools you need for a successful carpet cleaning franchise. There's your protected territory of 110,000 households, your cleaning machines, and Oxi Fresh products. You also will have a Scheduling Center to answer your calls and book your appointments; access to our online software suite, which includes CRM software, a live schedule, and training programs; and the team at the Home Office ready to help you at a moment's notice.

So the investment is good, but now for the most important question. Will your time be taken up by trivial matters or can it go toward growing your carpet cleaning franchise? Let's look at the facts. We're home based, so your franchise can be up and running in weeks rather than months. The Scheduling Center takes care of answering phone calls and booking jobs. We have turnkey marketing programs ready to use. Our software suite creates email surveys, ROI reports, and much more.

Oxi Fresh, by using systems, cuts out the tedious chores many businesses have to perform. This frees up your time so it can spent improving and growing your carpet cleaning franchise, not just maintaining it. Time normally spent on the phone with customers or calculating marketing returns can instead be used to get commercial accounts, train new technicians, or figure out where you will expand to next.

An excellent investment that provides the tools you need. A system that both saves time and allows you to spend it best. With these two parts of the formula ready, all that an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise should need for an incredible equation is the right franchisee - like the ones here.

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