A Cleaning Franchise, a Partnership

We started this section with a list of expectations for franchises and then immediately said not everyone would meet them. It may seem odd to open with that claim, but we have to because it's important. Starting a carpet cleaning franchise with Oxi Fresh is the beginning of a relationship, a partnership that will run for years. When both sides can bring their best to the table, then both will succeed.

As the franchisor, we exist to provide the tools necessary for a green cleaning franchise. For over five years, we've been constantly working to ensure we're providing our franchisees the absolute best. Everything, from our CRM software to our cleaning system, has been carefully designed to give franchisees a significant advantage when dealing with competing carpet cleaning business franchises.

We're here to provide the methods for success, but that's only half of the partnership. The other half is someone who can take those methods and systems and bring them to life. And while our systems are easy to use, it still takes hard work and intelligence to use the tools we provide to their fullest potential. Anyone can pick up a paintbrush, after all, but not everyone can paint a masterpiece.

But that's the sort of person Oxi Fresh is looking for. Someone who can take our cleaning franchise opportunity and our systems and grow them into a successful business. A person who is committed and service oriented, who can care about a single customer and their entire cleaning services franchise simultaneously. A professional looking to start a partnership with Oxi Fresh.

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