Loyalty and Rewards Program

Loyalty and Rewards Program

Loyalty Programs have taught us that we get more than what we buy. Whether it’s a cleaning franchise, coffee chain, or major airline, these businesses reward our loyalty – and so we keep coming back.

The loyalty program is now intrinsic to the customer experience – 84% of consumers are in at least one program and 75% are in ten or more. These programs affect where people shop, how much they buy, and who they choose to service their homes. Customers simple expect these programs from businesses, and Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s business franchises are here to exceed those expectations.

Lifetime Customers

Whenever a customer chooses Oxi Fresh, they’ll become a part of our Loyalty and Referral Program. For every $__ they spend with Oxi Fresh, they accumulate points they can redeem on future cleanings. Once a month in our Spotlight Newsletter, they’ll receive a notification letting them know how many points they’ve saved up.

By rewarding customers who use our services, we’re strengthening brand appreciation and customer retention. After all, giving back to the customer is a sure way to make them value your carpet cleaning services franchise. Those same rewards are also key to getting customers to come back to us year after year.

The next time they need a cleaning, they’ll remember all the points they’ve saved up with Oxi Fresh thanks to our friendly email reminders.

Rewarding Referrals

But there’s a second aspect to our system that sets us apart. Unlike many other businesses, Oxi Fresh doesn’t stop at rewarding repeat business – we also reward referred business. In fact, we give double points to customers who get another customer to shop with us. Now the Loyalty and Referral Program isn’t just keeping existing customers happy – it’s bringing in new customers.

The Customer Loyalty and Referral Program has the potential to be an important part of your business. It’s a way to ensure your brand stays on top in the consumer’s mind, a means of protecting the investment you’ve made in your customer database. It’s also a key way to passively market to new customers by letting your current customers do the legwork. All you have to do is provide superior service.

Just like many of Oxi Fresh’s marketing and operational tools, the Loyalty and Referral Program is entirely automated. There’s no cumbersome sign-up, no loyalty cards, no tracking of who has how many points. The Oxi Fresh system calculates and manages all of this information for you and the customer, letting you focus on your carpet cleaning franchise opportunity while still experiencing the benefits of the program.

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