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Archimedes once said that if given the right tools, he could move the world. While he may have been talking about fulcrums and levers, the principle still rings true in business. An entrepreneur can do incredible things if they have the means to do so - and Oxi Fresh provides those tools with its professional carpet cleaning franchises.

The first of those tools is the protected territory of 110,000 households that makes up your professional carpet cleaning franchise. Other members of Oxi Fresh are not allowed to market in your territory, which ensures that your area remains just that - yours.

Next in your toolkit is the national Scheduling Center that will respond to your customers' calls. Rather than all your time being spent on the phone, our trained staff books your appointments and takes care of everyday customer service so you can better focus on growing your professional carpet cleaning franchise.

Another vital tool you receive with this professional carpet cleaning opportunity is our CRM software that streamlines scheduling, database management, employee commissions, ROI reports, and much more. The program is live 24/7 and will automatically send pertinent updates out to you or your technicians in the field.

Of course, the tools we provide aren't limited to tracking and scheduling professional carpet cleaning services. Oxi Fresh's software platform also provides online training, it emails surveys to your customers, it can even help you create and manage your social media. This software suite has numerous other functions as well, each designed to ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively.

There are, of course, other tools we offer, such as our turnkey marketing programs with custom artwork and established vendor relationships. One of the most important tools Oxi Fresh provides is the staff at the Home Office. They're always ready to answer questions you may have, to provide coaching on a wide variety of subjects, or offer advice on any challenges you might be facing.

The Oxi Fresh Team, our Scheduling Center, protected territories, software suites, marketing programs - they’re all here so you can run the best, professional carpet cleaning franchise possible.

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