Own a Business, Not a Job

Own a Business, Not a Job

You are an entrepreneur looking for the right cleaning franchise opportunity, searching for a system with true potential. You don’t want to buy some job, a daily slog where you’re so busy with trivial details that you can’t build your business.

You want a vehicle for success, an opportunity with an innovative business model that accelerates growth so you can dominate your local market.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is that business. Throughout every level of our carpet cleaning franchise, Oxi Fresh will maximize your opportunities for success and free you from the “day-to-day” grind. With Oxi Fresh, you have the chance to build and grow a business instead of just getting stuck in one.

The Scheduling Center

One of the most significant ways we help our franchisees and create value for your customers is the Scheduling Center. Whenever a customer calls Oxi Fresh, our highly trained and friendly representatives will answer their questions and book their appointments.

This in-house center, which is entirely managed by the Oxi Fresh Home Office, serves customers across the U.S. and Canada, Monday through Saturday. Our leaders in the Scheduling Center work day-in, day-out to ensure our team best represents your carpet cleaning business franchise and that calls are answered quickly and with the highest levels of service.

The Scheduling Software

What Oxi Fresh does for your business doesn’t stop at a phone call. Whenever we schedule a customer, our team enters their information into Oxi Fresh’s Scheduling Software, a Customer Relationship Management platform that we’ve custom-built to meet the needs of our carpet cleaning franchisees.

This online platform is a living schedule and database that you can access anytime, anywhere. You’ll always know who’s booked and who’s available, giving you both remarkable understanding and control of your business.

Yet that’s just a fraction of what the software can do for you. Our platform also tracks customer loyalty and history, captures information for our email and text message marketing programs, tracks marketing information, and much more.

This data – which is invaluable to making educated choices about your business – is automatically turned into easy-to-understand reports. With just a few clicks, you can see your team’s sales and which types of marketing are giving you the best returns.

All of this – the innovative software, the Scheduling Center, our team – is here to support you and your cleaning franchise. When you’re out there creating your future through Oxi Fresh, you can rest easy knowing that we’re there to back you up. We’ll ensure your customers get first-class service and provide you with invaluable insights that help you make the most of running your business.

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