A Friendly, Professional Team

A Friendly, Professional Team

Who will be there when your customers call? Who can handle all the calls when your marketing hits? The Oxi Fresh Scheduling Center.

Our hard-working Customer Service Representatives are here to serve your customers and free you up from the phone. With the Scheduling Center backing you up, you’ll have the freedom you need to focus on growing your business.

The Heart of the Business

Open six days a week – Monday through Saturday – the Oxi Fresh call center is ready for your customers whenever they call. Of course, we know that a call center is about more than just availability – it’s about quality. We always want your customers to feel welcome and taken care of, which is why the Scheduling Center is operated entirely in-house in our Home Office in Denver.

We directly manage our representatives and oversee the entire operation, from setup to the calls themselves to detailed reporting and review systems. We do all this to ensure that whenever we talk to a customer, they’re getting the true Oxi Fresh scheduling experience.

Taking Care of Your Customers

But what does that experience look like? Every call starts with a friendly greeting from our representative. From there, the team gathers the important information from the client – contact details, the desired services, any coupons they’re using – and enter it all into the Scheduling Software.

They then find the time that works best for the customer, all while answering questions about Oxi Fresh, explaining our unique benefits, and encouraging customers to subscribe to our text message and email marketing programs. With all that taken care, they’ll book the customer’s job. The entire process is very efficient without feeling rushed, ensuring customers get great, quick service.

An Experienced Team

The Scheduling Center team is made up of more than our representatives on the phone. Overseeing the whole operation is our management staff, experienced team members who know the Scheduling Center inside and out. Our Team Leads on the floor are there to help the representatives, provide coaching, and reach out to franchisees as needed.

Our Quality Assurance Specialist reviews our representative’s calls, checking them against our scripts and call requirements to ensure consistent, high quality service. The team is lead by the Scheduling Center Manager, who is in charge of the whole operation and reports directly to the Vice-President and President.

Through their hard work and the fantastic service of our representatives, the Scheduling Center is truly the Heart of the Business. It will serve your customers well as they schedule carpet cleanings and other services and free you from having to answer your own calls.

With Oxi Fresh, you don’t have to worry about your phone ringing every few minutes when you’re analyzing your marketing, pursuing a commercial client, or finding new ways to make your business grow. You can be a true entrepreneur.

In the service business, reputation is everything!
Over 289,966 reviews - 4.65 ranking score.

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