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    Oxi Fresh Franchisee Will Chambers Appears on

    This photo shows Will Chambers and his partner standing in front of an Oxi Fresh van.

    Local News Platform Features One of Oxi Fresh’s All-Star Franchisees

    Will Chambers, who proudly owns and operates the Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise in his home community of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, was recently featured in a post on the local news site features posts about news, stories, events, and other information relevant to local communities. In a post titled “Local Veteran Introduces Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning to New Smyrna Beach,” they cover much of Will Chambers’ life story, professional history, and recent Oxi Fresh career.

    After his novel path through life and business, Will’s deep satisfaction as an Oxi Fresh franchisee serves as a good showcase of what the company has to offer its many carpet cleaning franchisees. 

    Will’s Story: Before Oxi Fresh

    Growing up as a self-proclaimed “military brat,” Will’s father pushed him to attend college. But Will himself felt more drawn to his family’s blue collar roots, so after graduating high school in Pennsylvania he joined the Air Force and served for four years as a jet engine mechanic.

    After discharging from the military, Will put his aerospace experience to work and enrolled in an aeronautical school in Florida. But life as a student, both stressful and under-paid, left a lot to be desired after his military service. Before long, he left school and took a good-paying job in corporate sales.

    Once again feeling the pull of his blue collar roots and his appreciation for physical work, Will was dissatisfied with his role in sales and began exploring his lifelong desire to own and operate his own business. Ultimately, he launched a cleaning company that handled a variety of tasks—including carpet cleaning—mostly for real estate agents and developers.

    Among all the maintenance services he provided, carpet cleaning really stood out. For Will, cleaning carpets was therapeutic and rewarding. To use the machines felt soothing, and to produce real results for a happy customer was fundamentally fulfilling. So, naturally, he decided to continue exploring entrepreneurship, but this time heading in a new direction: towards carpet cleaning franchising opportunities.

    Will began interviewing carpet cleaning franchise brands to narrow down his opportunities. Call after call left something to be desired, and in many cases, the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee felt like a “cut-and-dry business transaction.” Franchisees at many prominent brands told him stories about unfavorable terms, overwhelming royalty fees, and other negative realities about their franchising arrangements.

    When he connected with Oxi Fresh, Will says that everything felt different. He felt more comfortable speaking with the Oxi Fresh team, and everyone he contacted was laid back and felt positive about the company. Overall, he got a great impression about Oxi Fresh’s culture and approach, and after he learned all he could about Oxi Fresh’s unique cleaning process, he became a franchisee. 

    Will’s Story: Franchising with Oxi Fresh

    Today, Will continues to own and operate his Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. As his protected territory has continued to grow, he’s feeling more and more confident about the decision.

    Plus, his Oxi Fresh franchise offers many benefits he’s never been able to count on from any career he’s pursued in the past. For instance:

    • The more he uses it, the happier he is with Oxi Fresh’s cleaning system, which is fast-drying, eco-friendly, efficient, and fundamentally effective.
    • Unlike previous roles, Will receives recognition and instant gratification from his hard work and carpet cleaning operations. He loves watching a dirty carpet become clean again—sometimes even rescuing a carpet the owners thought they’d need to replace—and seeing the satisfaction appear in his customers’ eyes as they look over the impressive results.
    • To Will, Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning process is, as noted above, inherently therapeutic and soothing to perform, helping Will enjoy his workdays instead of dreading them.

    Moreover, with his Oxi Fresh franchise, Will is able to continue fulfilling his long-term dream of owning and operating a business of his own. 

    Franchising Opportunities at Oxi Fresh

    Oxi Fresh continues to offer carpet cleaning franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs throughout much of the United States and Canada. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly franchising business, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning might be the right fit for you. 

    At Oxi Fresh, franchisees benefit from the extensive support and comprehensive guidance of the Home Office team. This Home Office team provides the resources, tools, and support that franchisees need to effectively pursue growth in their protected territories, including an array of effective marketing programs, customized software systems, full-scale scheduling operations, training programs, and so much more.

    These powerful programs and systems have earned Oxi Fresh’s business numerous noteworthy awards, while enabling its franchisees to offer top-quality carpet cleaning services that consistently delight the great majority of Oxi Fresh’s consumers

    If you’re interested in exploring franchising opportunities at Oxi Fresh in more depth and detail, keep exploring the main franchising website at Through the online form contained on that page, you can readily get in touch with Oxi Fresh’s franchise development team to continue learning more.

    To read more about Will Chambers’ path to franchising with Oxi Fresh, check out the post about his career on