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This image shows a mother and her baby smiling and laughing together, while the baby is soaked with water.

Purpose-Driven Franchising at Oxi Fresh


Oxi Fresh Franchisees Make a Meaningful Difference with Did you know we’re in the midst of a global water crisis? Read on to see how Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning and are working together to make a major difference around the world. Today, one in ten (a total of 771 million people) lack access to safe water while one in four (1.7 billion…

This image shows a bottle of red wine pouring into a tilted, stemmed wine glass and features the Oxi Fresh logo in the upper-left corner.

Oxi Fresh Expertise Featured on

Category: Shared Oxi Fresh’s Expert Advice Concerning Red Wine Stains and Carpets In a recent feature on titled “How to Get Red Wine Out of Your Carpet in 4 Easy Steps,” the unrivaled expertise of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning was prominently featured. In the weeks leading up to this article’s publication, Oxi Fresh’s Rob White connected with Martha Stewart’s team to share Oxi…

This image shows a street in Boston, surrounded with greenery and brick buildings. In bold and colorful text, it says "Boston Franchising Opportunities with Oxi Fresh" and also features the Oxi Fresh logo.

Boston Beckons: Now’s Your Chance to Join the Expanding Oxi Fresh Franchise Team


Oxi Fresh Maps Out Its Growth Plans for Boston, Calls for Entrepreneurial Problem-Solvers to Join Growing Team Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, renowned for its environmentally friendly carpet cleanings and exceptional customer service, has recently announced its ongoing strategy to amplify and expand its presence in and around Boston, Massachusetts. This move presents a golden opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, franchising enthusiasts, cleaning professionals, and other…

This graphic shows a series of red blocks that get taller the further toward the right that they are, while there's a businessman in a suit being sprung ahead off one of the blocks, which appears to be spring-loaded, representing the fast growth of the Oxi Fresh brand; this image also features the Oxi Fresh logo.

Entrepreneur Ranks Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Among Fastest-Growing Franchises


Oxi Fresh Ranks as One of 2023’s Fastest-Growing Franchise Brands After gathering and validating data from North American franchisors, the prominent business magazine Entrepreneur has released its 2023 rankings of the Fastest-Growing Franchises, listing Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning as the #135 fastest-growing franchise brand. These rankings were published online and in the March/April 2023 issue of the print magazine. “As we continue the rapid…

This photo shows Will Chambers and his partner standing in front of an Oxi Fresh van.

Oxi Fresh Franchisee Will Chambers Appears on


Local News Platform Features One of Oxi Fresh’s All-Star Franchisees Will Chambers, who proudly owns and operates the Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise in his home community of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, was recently featured in a post on the local news site features posts about news, stories, events, and other information relevant to local communities. In a post titled “Local Veteran…

This graphic features a photo of Matt Kline, along with the title of the podcast and episode on which he recently appeared.

Oxi Fresh’s Impressive Growth Featured in Top Franchising Podcast


Oxi Fresh’s Matt Kline Appeared on a Recent Episode of The Advisory Board Podcast with Dave Hansen Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s Director of Franchise Development, Matt Kline, appeared in the most recent episode of The Advisory Board Podcast with Dave Hansen. In this exciting podcast, Matt and Dave discuss Oxi Fresh’s history in the world of franchise development, outlining many of the factors and…

This graphic features the Oxi Fresh logo and shows that this piece is about Sonia Garg's inspiring story of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and impact-driven business.

Inspiring Story of Oxi Fresh Franchisee Featured in Multiple Publications


Sonia Garg’s Entrepreneurial Journey Shared in National Magazine and Online Sonia Garg, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s local franchisee in Kirkland, Washington, has a remarkable story to share. That’s why her tale of motherhood, impact-driven business, and entrepreneurial independence was recently featured on the local online news site and in a two-page spread appearing in the January 2023 edition of Franchising Magazine USA. Both…

A businessperson considers a low-cost franchise opportunity.

Oxi Fresh: A Top-Ranked Low-Cost Franchising Opportunity


Carpet Cleaning Franchise Brand Is Featured in Small Business Trends Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning was just highlighted in Small Business Trends’ December 2022 article covering the top franchising opportunities available for less than $50,000. When these rankings were published, Jonathan Barnett, the carpet cleaning franchise’s founder and CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to be featured in this piece on the best low-cost franchising opportunities available…

A beige square with the Oxi Fresh logo in the upper lefthand corner. The words "Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning: A Top-Ranked Franchise for Veterans" is in the middle of the square.

Entrepreneur Ranks Oxi Fresh Among the Best Franchising Opportunities for Veterans


Oxi Fresh Is Ranked Among Best Franchises for Veterans The prominent business magazine Entrepreneur has released its 2022 rankings of the top franchising opportunities for today’s veterans. Oxi Fresh, a green carpet cleaning franchisor founded in 2006, was listed among these ranks thanks to its strong franchisee support programs and substantial veteran incentives.  Oxi Fresh’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Barnett, offered the following comment…

Three Oxi Fresh vans sit outside a row of suburban homes. Light from the sunrise highlights the cars and the buildings.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning: A Top Home Maintenance Service Franchise


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Appears in New Rankings from Oxi Fresh, a carpet cleaning franchise brand that provides green carpet cleaning services throughout Canada and the United States, has just appeared in new rankings from, earning the number 4 rank in the company’s list of today’s best Home Maintenance Service franchises.  This is a meaningful honor for the carpet cleaning franchise, as…