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Franchisee Testimonials: Why Did They Choose Oxi Fresh?

That question is an important one – why? Why have so many entrepreneurs picked Oxi Fresh as the right franchise opportunity for them?

How Has Oxi Fresh Changed Your Life?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees tell us how their Oxi Fresh business has changed their lives.

What Draws Customers to Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees give us their thoughts on what draws customers to Oxi Fresh. Excellent reviews, quick dry times, and an eco friendly system are all reasons customers love Oxi Fresh.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees tell us their favorite thing about Oxi Fresh.

What Makes Oxi Fresh Different From Other Cleaners?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees give us their thoughts on how Oxi Fresh is different from other cleaners in the industry. Fast dry times, eco friendly, and a dedication to our customers are just a few reasons how we’re different. Watch to hear more!

What Advice Would You Give an Entrepreneur?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees share what advice they would give to entrepreneurs looking to buy an Oxi Fresh franchise.

How Does Oxi Fresh Give Back?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees share their thoughts on how we give back to the community. They focus specifically on our partnership with Water.org.

Jose Perez

A passionate owner and a sharp businessman, Jose Perez has made his New Orleans franchise one of the best ones out there. We’re proud to have him on our team and to have him share his thoughts on Oxi Fresh.

Joe Sullivan

Joe is one of our earliest franchisees and, since day one, he and his son have been making their location stand out. Learn why this sharp business mind chose Oxi Fresh over all the others.

Chris Souk

A leader among Oxi Fresh’s franchisees, Chris Souk has brought success to his Charlotte location through handwork and innovation. Hear what he has to say about his experiences with Oxi Fresh.

Brian Powell

Brian wants to see that each of his customers is happy with their cleaning. This focus on his customers has made him a valuable member of the Oxi Fresh team. When Brian was asked about Oxi Fresh, this is what he said.

Why Did You Choose Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh Franchisees give their personal account of why those chose Oxi Fresh over the other franchise systems out there. Watch the video to hear why!

Oxi Fresh vs. The Competition

What makes Oxi Fresh different and in a league of it’s own? Franchisees answer this question and more in this video.

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