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Franchisee Testimonials: Why Did They Choose Oxi Fresh?

That question is an important one – why? Why have so many entrepreneurs picked Oxi Fresh as the right franchise opportunity for them?

How Has Oxi Fresh Changed Your Life?

Oxi Fresh isn’t just your average carpet cleaning company; it’s more like a family. Working with Oxi Fresh IS life-changing, and the support offered here is immense. As a Franchisee, you get the freedom to shape the business as you see fit while being given the tools, systems, processes, and the opportunities to succeed as an Entrepreneur; and truly become your own boss. There is no greater feeling than getting up to go to work, knowing that you are in complete control of your future.

What Draws Customers to Oxi Fresh?

People like to use Oxi Fresh for several reasons. For Franchisees, it’s put you in a great position as the marketing isn’t overly driven by price. People connect with the Oxi Fresh brand because they share a sense of responsibility to do right by the planet. Oxi Fresh is authentic, what you see REALLY IS what you get. And eco-friendly products, low water usage, and chemical-free cleaning help us to connect with our customers. People also really like the convenience of being able to use their carpets within an hour of our visit.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Oxi Fresh?

Oxi Fresh franchisees value the partnerships between themselves and the franchise owners. It’s a great group of people to work with, and the conferences are exciting, they’re relevant, and it’s nice to get together and have fun with other people who are willing to share and collaborate. Oxi Fresh makes our franchisees feel like they are a part of something bigger. Oxi Fresh is not just your average carpet cleaning company – it’s a family that builds community between franchisees and our home office team to help drive company-wide success.

What Makes Oxi Fresh Different From Other Cleaners?

Oxi Fresh stands out against the competition for its one-hour dry time, making it one of the most convenient types of professional cleaning on the market. This is something people really value, and it’s something that truly sets us apart. Aside from this, we are the greenest carpet cleaning company in the world, and that’s something we can all be proud to be part of. As technicians in the field, it’s a much easier process to manage, and because our equipment is unique we get asked a lot about how it works. This really seems to impress people, as our solutions resonate with their individual needs.

What Advice Would You Give an Entrepreneur?

One of our franchisees says, it’s one thing to say you’ll treat people like family, but it’s another to actually do it; but Oxi Fresh does. This is a proven brand with a complete support package and a truly unique set of advantages. When you work with Oxi Fresh, you get a team of energetic and positive people. This kind of attitude and behavior is so refreshing to be around. The business model is straightforward and affordable, and in terms of finding an opportunity with plenty of opportunities for future development, Oxi Fresh leads the way.

How Does Oxi Fresh Give Back?

Giving back to the global community is ingrained within the Oxi Fresh business model.  Not only do we help our environment with extreme water conversation, using up to 95% less water than other cleaners, but we also give back on the other side by donating a portion of our profits made when our customers use the Online Scheduler to book their cleanings. By partnering with water.org, we save water and give back on a global scale.

Jose Perez

After working in the computer industry for 32 years, Jose Perez was forced to look at new opportunities. He always dreamed of starting his own business and took the time to really examine the market to see what was on offer. Oxi Fresh stood out above any others because of their unique business model, and the supportive and friendly home office team. In 2009, Jose purchased his first Oxi Fresh franchise in New Orleans. Today, he has one of the best franchises out there, and this is down to his passion, sharp business acumen, and outstanding results in homes and businesses across the region. We’re proud to have him on our team!

Joe Sullivan

Joe meticulously researched the market on his quest to find the best franchise for himself and his son to operate together. He decided steam cleaning wasn’t the way to go, and when looking at other cleaning companies, it became apparent that franchises were being offered in overlapping areas. Hiking up the rivalry between competing vendors, and often resulting in franchises being in competition with one another for business. Needless to say, these were not appealing propositions. Oxi Fresh is different. Not only do we provide modern cleaning equipment with proven systems and support in place; each franchisee gets an area of 110,000 unique households to cover. By providing our franchisees with their own area, Oxi Fresh stands out from the competition.

Chris Souk

Chris Souk is a leading franchisee, and after graduation, he analyzed the market to find the right service-based business to suit his future aspirations. Recognizing Oxi Fresh’s innovative methods, and industry-leading achievement, along with its future growth potential, Chris Souk became the proud owner of the Oxi Fresh franchise in Charlotte. The support, the unique positioning of being the world’s greenest carpet cleaning company, a consistent desire to enhance the services, the support, and lower the costs for the franchise owners contribute to the success of his business. It’s something he values, and he believes many others will too.

Brian Powell

After working in the restaurant industry for many years, Brian Powell wanted a new challenge and a fresh start. He needed a low capital investment that would give him the ability to quickly earn his own income without needing to hire a team. He chose Oxi Fresh, and we’re so very pleased he did! Brian was impressed by our franchise support, our eco-friendly products, and our quick and easy processes. The call center function was a huge bonus, as it leaves franchise owners free to tackle other business tasks, without needing to take bookings or handle inquiries. Oxi Fresh is at the top of the carpet cleaning industry because of its ability to innovate, its incredible support, and its deliverance of world-class results at affordable prices.

Why Did You Choose Oxi Fresh?

Our franchisees choose Oxi Fresh because there is a clear vision for the brand and a proven business model that gives individuals a done-for-you business that is fully supported by a home office team. They feel proud to say they’re part of the family, and they’re the greenest carpet cleaning company in the world. They use modern cleaning techniques and provide you with an easy business model that gives back to the global community. Investing in an Oxi Fresh franchise gives you a competitive edge in terms of the products, the services, the prices, and the support; when combined, it makes a pretty appealing package for a very reasonably priced investment.

Oxi Fresh vs. The Competition

We’re about to stand out by offering the ultimate standard of convenience for people who use our service. As a brand, Oxi Fresh doesn’t just deliver on its sustainability goals, it goes above and beyond, and there is a continual drive of innovation to always do more. With eco-friendly cleaning solutions, a low-moisture cleaning process, and intelligent cleaning equipment with a low carbon footprint, they can truly stand tall. Being able to say you are the world’s green carpet cleaning is something we’re all proud of, and the business is constantly trying to do more. Aside from this, our results really do speak for themselves, and when you combine the value for money with outstanding results and support, it gives people no doubt in choosing Oxi Fresh.

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