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    A Top Franchise Brand – Oxi Fresh Ranks in Franchise 500®

    Oxi Fresh Ranks in Entrepreneurs Franchise 500 in 2020

    Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Ranks Among Top Franchise Systems

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Oxi Fresh, the eco-friendly carpet cleaning franchise company that utilizes the power of oxygen, was recently named in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500®. Every year, the team at Entrepreneur combs the franchise industry, examining hundreds of brands’ growth rates, support systems, stability, fee structures, and much more to determine the top franchise systems out there.

    This is now the twelfth time Oxi Fresh has ranked, coming in at the #469 spot. The company’s history of brand growth, powerful support programs, and strong branding has helped it become one of the top carpet cleaning franchises in the world.

    “We’re incredibly proud of seeing Oxi Fresh rank once more,” said the company’s president and founder, Jonathan Barnett, “At Oxi Fresh, we endeavor to create a cleaning system that customers love and a business opportunity that entrepreneurs can make the most of. Given the trails of 2020, I believe this ranking is proof of what we can accomplish.”

    Oxi Fresh’s Modern Approach to Carpet Cleaning
    There are many carpet cleaning franchise brands, but Oxi Fresh’s unique perspective has helped them stand out.

    “We like to think of ourselves as a technology company that cleans carpets. Rather than relying on old-fashioned methods and manual processes, Oxi Fresh was built around automation and ease-of-use,” said Kris Antolak, the company’s vice president, “By integrating powerful technology and programs within nearly every aspect of our company, we’ve been able to empower our franchisees to better pursue growth.”

    Some examples of these systems include:

    • Custom-Built Customer Relationship Management Software: “Technicians need to be updated in the field of same day changes. Our Online Scheduler needs a system it can speak to. All jobs need to be tracked in a single place so we can see what marketing is working,” said Mr. Antolak, “And all of that happens in our CRM. This amazing piece of software does it all, from automated marketing reports to employee schedules. It also integrates with many of our other systems. It’s a true powerhouse that simplifies an enormous number of tasks for our franchisees and gives them invaluable business insights.”
    • Business Support Platform: A second major tool highlighted by Mr. Antolak was their general business management and support platform, “Being in business normally means having to deal with that miasma of multiple logins, systems not working with each other, and so on. Not so with Oxi Fresh,” said the VP, “Because we’ve taken many of those programs and brought them all within one handy platform. Need to open your online training? It’s just a click. Need to order some marketing materials? Just a click. Need to pick the brains of your fellow franchisees for best practices? You guessed it – just a click.”
    • Central Scheduling Center: “This is the heart of the business,” said Mr. Antolak, “a central Scheduling Center that takes care of our franchisees’ calls. With this professional, friendly team booking appointments and answering questions, franchisees are free to focus on being entrepreneurs. They can work on expanding their carpet cleaning franchise instead of just getting stuck working on it.”

    The Future of Carpet Cleaning
    If you’re interested in the Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise system and would like to know more, visit our franchise website. To read the original article on Franchise Direct, click here. To schedule a carpet cleaning, use our online scheduler.