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    Oxi Fresh: A Top-Ranked Low-Cost Franchising Opportunity

    A businessperson considers a low-cost franchise opportunity.

    Carpet Cleaning Franchise Brand Is Featured in Small Business Trends

    Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning was just highlighted in Small Business Trends’ December 2022 article covering the top franchising opportunities available for less than $50,000.

    When these rankings were published, Jonathan Barnett, the carpet cleaning franchise’s founder and CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to be featured in this piece on the best low-cost franchising opportunities available today. With our industry-leading franchisee support systems and powerful green carpet cleaning techniques, we provide an incredible opportunity at a great value for our franchisees, helping many of these individuals transform their lives for the better.” 

    In their discussion of Oxi Fresh, Small Business Trends describes the brand’s convenient green carpet cleanings and impressive franchisee programs, including “comprehensive training, marketing support, ongoing education, and more.” The piece also highlights Oxi Fresh’s strong position within the growing carpet cleaning industry as a great reason to seriously consider the brand. 

    The Article and Analysis

    While this article describes the top low-cost franchising opportunities available today, it also walks the reader through some of the key advantages inherent in the franchising industry and some of the major considerations one should take before making any franchising investment. 

    Some of the key advantages mentioned in this article include:

    • Turnkey businesses with systems, processes, training, and other support tools already in place
    • Being your own boss but with the backing of a larger network and organization
    • Often less expensive than starting a business from scratch

    Likewise, the article also outlines the key considerations one should assess before making any franchising decision. They recommend potential franchisees carefully assess:

    • The support systems that the franchisor offers
    • The responsibilities and expectations placed upon the franchisee and franchisor
    • The fit between the franchisee and the franchise brand
    • Reviews from existing/past franchisees

    Oxi Fresh Franchising

    Oxi Fresh and its team are proud to have earned a spot on this important listing. “We’ve worked hard to build a low-cost carpet cleaning franchise opportunity that truly empowers entrepreneurs so that they can pursue their financial goals while also providing customers an amazing service,” said Matt Kline, Director of Franchise Development.

    With its fast-drying, eco-friendly system, Oxi Fresh has earned more than 240,000 online reviews, averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars. That validates the demand for Oxi Fresh’s core offerings.

    As Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning franchisees pursue and serve their customers, the Home Office team provides substantial support across key areas of the business, especially regarding administrative, technological, and marketing functions. This includes a comprehensive business management software platform, multiple appointment scheduling operations, comprehensive training, and expansive marketing support, including content marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization. 

    Through these systems, the carpet cleaning franchise makes it easy for franchisees to focus their time and energy on the growth of their business. That’s one of the key reasons Oxi Fresh has been able to garner so many awards and industry recognitions over the years. 

    If you’re eager to learn more about franchising at Oxi Fresh, please keep exploring or reach out to the Oxi Fresh team through that site. 

    Please also make sure to read about Oxi Fresh’s franchising opportunities in Small Business Trends’ recent report.