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    Oxi Fresh Grows in the Grand Canyon State

    Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Tucson, AZ

    Oxi Fresh Grows in the Grand Canyon State:
    O’Dowd Family Offers Oxygen-Powered Carpet Cleanings in Tucson

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s new location in Tucson, AZ was recently featured on both Franchising Direct and Franchising.com.

    Headed up by Hunter O’Dowd and his parents, Paige and John, this new location has been offering the company’s famous green carpet cleanings since August of this year. In addition to Tucson carpet cleanings, the new franchise is also providing tile and grout cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, carpet stain removal services, and pet and smoke odor treatment services.

    This isn’t the first Oxi Fresh location opened by the O’Dowd’s. About one year ago, John and Paige launched a location that offers green cleanings throughout the Phoenix, Goodyear, Surprise, Peoria, and Mesa areas. It was seeing this business in action that helped inspire Hunter to open his own branch.

    “I have always been looking for ways to work for myself, and given my family’s background with Oxi Fresh, this seemed like a great opportunity to become a small business owner,” said Hunter, “Oxi Fresh’s solid business model provides a clear path for growth, and with the guidance of my parents and Oxi Fresh corporate, I am confident that this new location will be a great success. I look forward to providing a high quality Tucson carpet cleaning service for years to come.”

    Residents of Tucson can look forward to a truly remarkable cleaning system. Oxi Fresh, which has nearly two hundred thousand reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars, is very different from many cleaners. Unlike a traditional steam carpet cleaner that relies on carpet saturation and extraction, Oxi Fresh employs a low-moisture process.

    “Your Tucson carpet cleaning will start with application of our main cleaning solution, which is itself a combination of an eco-friendly encapsulator and strong – but safe – oxygenated booster,” said the company’s Director of Cleaning Systems, Rob White, “After the product is applied, it quickly breaks down dirt while simultaneously trapping said dirt in crystals. Next, the technician will use our OF1000 machine to agitate the carpet and pull out stubborn debris. Following that, we vacuum and groom the carpets in order to leave your home looking and feeling fresh. When people schedule a Tucson carpet cleaning, I think they’re going to love what they see.”

    This cleaning provides another advantage to Tucsonans – fast dry times. The Oxi Fresh method doesn’t require carpets to be soaked, resulting in a fast dry time of about one hour. Not only is that far more convenient, it also means Oxi Fresh can help the community conserve many thousands of gallons of water every year.

    “We are proud to welcome Hunter to Oxi Fresh and look forward to him following in his parents’ footsteps,” stated Oxi Fresh CEO and founder Jonathan Barnett, “The O’Dowd’s understand the important services we provide to our customers and how they can help make homes safer and cleaner. We look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on the Tucson community.”

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