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SmallBizTrends.com Features Oxi Fresh in Their Small Business Spotlight

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President Reviews Company’s Opportunities, Challenges, and What Makes Oxi Fresh Special

LAKEWOOD, CO. – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, one of the nation’s fastest growing carpet cleaning franchises, was recently featured on SmallBizTrends.com’s Small Business Spotlight feature. In the article, Oxi Fresh’s president and founder Jonathan Barnett explained what makes his company special and talked about the lessons he’s learned building the business.

“It’s easy to start a company,” said Mr. Barnett, “but incredibly difficult to do it right. The business world is full of stories of brands with great ideas and poor execution, brands that fail to realize their potential and ultimately fail all-told. Oxi Fresh isn’t one of those stories. We started with a valuable idea, invested in it, built a strong team, and developed good systems. Now, we’re one of the world’s fastest growing carpet cleaners. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and that I can share my experiences with readers on SmallBizTrends.com.”

Mr. Barnett’s company is unlike many other cleaning companies in that it offers customers a low-moisture cleaning process. Where traditional cleaners provide a service that often leaves carpets wet for 12-24 hours, the Oxi Fresh system dries in about one hour.

Additionally, the carpet cleaning franchise company is eco-friendly. This low-moisture process conserves roughly 95% of the water that other cleaners would waste. In a standard home, the company can conserve an estimated 38-58 gallons of water. All told, the brand believes they’ve saved around 35,000,000 gallons of water.

The company’s commitment to the environment and customer convenience has not come at the cost of satisfaction. Customers have left over 150,000 reviews on www.oxifresh.com, averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars.

One of the reasons behind the company’s success is that Oxi Fresh is willing to take risks. Mr. Barnett gave this story as an example of why businesses have to take risks to survive:

“Years ago, Oxi Fresh heavily relied on traditional marketing – as did almost every other carpet cleaner. . . . But the costs of these marketing methods were always going up, and at best the returns were stable. . . . Oxi Fresh took a risk, though, and began pursuing the world of online marketing hard. . . . Now, if this had backfired, it would have been pretty bad for the company. That said, staying where we were would have been equally disastrous, as we would have stagnated. Thankfully, these efforts, which continue to this day, have pushed Oxi Fresh towards greater and greater heights.”

You can read the full article on the carpet cleaning franchise company by clicking here. To schedule a carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, click here. If you’re interested in opening your own carpet cleaning location, click here.