Not Just Carpet

Not Just Carpet

As a cleaning franchise, Oxi Fresh takes pride in the unparalleled results we provide. Our system cuts through oil and grime, breaking it apart rapidly and safely, leaving the carpets in homes and businesses looking years younger. With over 125,000 world-class reviews, it’s clear that customers love Oxi Fresh.

While carpet cleaning services are our strong foundation at Oxi Fresh, they aren’t the only thing we can do. When you join our franchise, you’ll get access to our entire service portfolio, including upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, wood floor cleaning, and our odor removal system.

Upholstery Cleaning

A home isn’t complete without upholstery. Whether it’s a large sectional sofa that fills up the living room, dining room chairs with padded seats, or even a mattress, furniture like this is ubiquitous in homes everywhere. What’s also always present is dirt, oils, and debris that ruin the look of those pieces.

Oxi Fresh’s upholstery cleaning system provides a superior solution to the problem of dirty furniture. With our cleaning process, we can erase the clinging soil that ruins upholstery fabric, giving customers sofas and chairs that look and feel years younger.

Upholstery treatment is a key additional service for Oxi Fresh, so much so that the Oxi Pro Upholstery Machine is included in the start-up equipment package that you receive when buying a franchise.

Sandless Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Traditionally, bringing the shine back to a hardwood floor was nightmarish. You had to strip the floor down with sanding, creating a huge and expensive mess for the homeowners. Even ‘sandless’ refinishing companies still left dust everywhere. As a result, most people avoided this treatment at all cost.

Oxi Fresh offers an alternative with sandless wood cleanings. Our system uses carefully controlled amounts of water and safe solutions to break apart impacted grime without damaging or stripping away the floor’s finish. With the dirt removed, our maintenance refinisher then brings back the wood’s shine quickly and easily.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout is still an immensely popular type of flooring that appears in many homes. In certain regions, it can actually be more common than carpet, making it a valuable addition to your service portfolio.

To help you maximize this opportunity, Oxi Fresh’s tile and grout cleaning system is easy to learn and low-impact on your business. You can actually use both our carpet and hardwood cleaning equipment on tile and grout, which will save you equipment cost, space, and training time.

Total Odor Control

Pet urine can be a nasty thing, turning attractive, well-decorated living spaces into rooms that everyone avoids. When you join Oxi Fresh, you’ll have the tools to truly treat those odors. You won’t be masking the pet urine – you’ll be eliminating it. It’s a fantastic service that customers truly need, making it a perfect opportunity for you.

Of course, pet urine isn’t the only thing that can make a property smell bad. Cigarette smoke is a constant problem from property management companies, one that they have to cover up with layer after layer of paint in the hopes of sealing away the stink.

Oxi Fresh offers an alternative solution – a real solution – to the problem of cigarette smoke with the Total Odor Control Program. With this system, we can pull the embedded particulates from the smoke odor out of the pores of the walls and other hard surfaces. This process, while intense, is highly valued by property management companies and can be a great service for your location.

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