A Cleaning Revolution

A Cleaning Revolution

Soaked floors, spots that pop back up, hoses going everywhere, cumbersome machines – the professional carpet cleaning franchise industry has been saddled with mediocre systems for decades. Oxi Fresh is here to change all that with our revolutionary cleaning system.

Our professional carpet cleaning services leave carpets revitalized and customers amazed – we have over 125,000 world-class reviews on our internal system alone. Oxi Fresh’s cleaning system is also great for your business, as it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and has low overhead.

Oxygen-Powered, Results Driven

Whenever Oxi Fresh cleans, we start with a powerful but safe encapsulating solution boosted by the cleansing action of oxygen. Together, these solutions rapidly break down dirt and oils and capture the debris in microscopic crystals. This encapsulating process prevents the debris from re-adhering to carpet and sets up the next stage of our carpet cleaning service.

Once the solutions have worked on the carpet, we clean the floor with the OF1000. This revolutionary machine uses dual, counter-rotating brushes that reach down deep into the carpet pile and scrub upwards. This process lifts the dirt and debris up and out of the carpet and into the machine, leaving the carpet pile upright, soft, and clean.

This process is incredibly effective, erasing years of built-up debris and grime with ease. Customers are thrilled with their revitalized carpets. What they love just as much, though, is that the carpets dry in just one hour. Thanks to our modern system, we don’t leave carpets soaked for 12-24 hours like a steam cleaner does.

Of course, that’s not all that Oxi Fresh offers. With our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity, you’ll be able to offer upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, sandless hard wood floor cleaning, Total Odor Control, and much more.

A Business Friendly System

Unnecessary complexity hurts business, slowing it down and wasting money. Oxi Fresh understands that there’s strength in simplicity, and our cleaning system is designed to both get world-class results while also being easy to learn and use. Our training – while detailed and thorough – is very straightforward so that you and your team will be out in the field fast.

Once you’re in the field, you’ll find that the Oxi Fresh system is easy to work with. There are no long hoses, no complex and noisy truck mounts, no need to open windows and doors throughout the home. Our equipment is highly portable and easy to manage, allowing you to get started quickly and treat carpets anywhere. Whether your client owns a 100,000 square foot warehouse or a hundred-story skyscraper, you’ll be able to clean it with Oxi Fresh.

Our cleaning solutions are safe as well, designed with the environment in mind to provide powerful results while still being eco-friendly. You and your team can clean carpets confidently, knowing that the results you’re providing are backed by carefully engineered solutions.

Beyond the ease of use and great results, Oxi Fresh’s professional carpet cleaning system is also very cost effective. You can count on low equipment and product costs to help keep your budget in good shape. Couple that with the fact that a new Oxi Fresh franchise comes with an Equipment & Product Startup Package, and the benefits can’t be beat

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