One-Hour Dry Time

One-Hour Dry Time

Thanks to unique franchise concepts and innovative entrepreneurs, we live in a world where inconvenience isn’t tolerated. If a cleaning franchise wastes someone’s time, you can count on customers to pick a different business.

Oxi Fresh understands our customers’ dual drive for results and convenience. It’s only natural for them to want the best and to not want any hassle, and our unique franchise opportunity provides just what they’re looking for. Oxi Fresh can make carpets look years younger while only having a one hour dry time.

The Old Way: 24 Hours

When carpet cleaning first took off as an industry, steam cleaning was the norm. That meant whenever someone got their carpets cleaned, they would be soaked for 12 to 24 hours. That was just how things were, and customers weren’t exactly thrilled.

This extended dry time was caused by cleaners using 40-60 gallons of water to treat the carpets in a home. While cleaners try to extract this water, enough is left behind to result in dry times that effectively take the customer’s home hostage all day.

People are stuck with soggy carpets and have to stay in their non-carpeted rooms (or have to get their socks wet). What’s more, to speed up drying, customers are told by cleaning business franchises to keep their windows and doors open. In the summer, that means all that AC is lost, and in fall and winter that means the heat goes right out the window.

Add to all that the risk of wick back – spots reappearing after a cleaning – and customers were ready for a new sort of cleaning services franchise. That’s why they took notice right away when Oxi Fresh started offering fast, one-hour dry times.

The Revolution: 1 Hour

No truck mounted system, no hoses, no tankers of water, and no soggy carpets. Oxi Fresh has brought a revolution to our customers in the form of modern carpet cleaning.

For every home that one of our green cleaning franchises cleans, we only need to use about 2 gallons of water – 38-58 gallons less than a steam cleaner. This 95% reduction in water use is possible thanks to our powerful but safe cleaning solutions and pile-lifting machine. These allow us to get great results while minimizing the impact on the customers’ home.

Now customers can walk on their carpets just an hour after we’ve finished cleaning, and sometimes even sooner. Yet customer convenience isn’t the only benefit to our low-moisture system.

This cleaning method is a money-saver for our franchisees, reducing their costs in terms of equipment and vehicle requirements. Beyond that, water conservation is an important part of who we are as an eco-friendly company. Through our system, Oxi Fresh has saved over 30 million gallons of water – a number that only continues to go up.

Fast, one-hour dry times are a fantastic selling point for customers, a distinct advantage for our franchisees, and make Oxi Fresh a fantastic green cleaning franchise opportunity for you.

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