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    Jonathan Barnett Featured on Thrive Global

    Jonathan Barnett standing in front of an Oxi Fresh vehicle with products inside the vehicle.

    Entrepreneur Shares Lessons, Advice, and Tips for Business Leaders

    LAKEWOOD, Co. – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s president, Jonathan Barnett, was recently featured on the Thrive Global website in their article series, “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company.” In the article, the carpet cleaning franchise founder discussed his history of entrepreneurship, important lessons he’s learned, insights on business leadership, and much more.

    “I’ve been leading my company for many years now,” said Mr. Barnett, “and I was happy to take this opportunity to speak about my views on leadership and entrepreneurship. Hopefully, this interview with Thrive Global will help other business people as they build their companies and lead teams.”

    Five Lessons for Entrepreneurs

    The major focus of this interview was five things that Jonathan wished he would have known before launching is carpet cleaning franchise. For Mr. Barnett, these were: You’ve Got the Green Light, Let Go to Grow, Speed Through Systems, Ownership Through Scoring, and Profits with a Purpose.

    “I believe that internalizing these five lessons at the start of your career—or anytime, really—will help you be a better leader and run a better company,” said Mr. Barnett, “These ideas will empower you, your people, and your business.”

    A brief summary of these Mr. Barnett’s lessons are as follows:

    • You’ve Got the Green Light: It is easy to waste time waiting for the perfect opportunity, the “Green Light.” Don’t wait for that fabled moment because it doesn’t exist. Leaders need to act like they’ve got the green light and push ahead. If they don’t, their company won’t grow.
    • Let Go to Grow:When one begins leading a company, the natural desire is to control everything. However, this limits the growth of the company. A good leader has to let go of various matters and entrust their staff. If I tried to control everything, my carpet cleaning franchise wouldn’t be where it is today.
    • Speed Through Systems:Time is money, and a good business leader needs to pursue systems that increase efficiency and profitability. It’s important to properly invest in finding or building these systems.
    • Ownership Through Scoring: It’s important to have measurables as an integrated part of your business. By having these measurables and scoring systems, you inspire employees to work harder—no one wants to be in last place.
    • Profits with a Purpose: A business needs to be about more than making money. Choosing a nonprofit to work with is an important way to make a difference, inspire your team, and help customers see you as part of the community. For example, his carpet cleaning franchise company regularly donates to

    You can read more about Mr. Barnett’s thoughts on entrepreneurship and leadership by reading the full article. To learn more about Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s franchise opportunities, visit our franchise website. To schedule a carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh, use our online scheduler.