Automated Management Tools

Automated Management Tools

Who’s paid what? Was that customer happy? Do you have all the product you need? Running a carpet cleaning business franchise means taking on day-to-day responsibilities, little and big tasks that make your operation run smoothly. For a lot of companies, those duties eat up the owner’s day, leaving them with little time to develop the business.

As with all things at Oxi Fresh, though, we’ve done everything we can to streamline the daily duties of our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity. We’ve developed a series of automated management tools and relationships with highly effective vendors who, will save you time and let you focus on growth.

Taking Care of Your Team, Taking Care of You

When you build your team and find technicians who really care about doing good work, you want to take care of them. Yet we all know that payroll can be complicated, with local laws and complex rules. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a professional payroll service. With them, you don’t have to worry at all when it comes time to reward your team’s hard work.

Of course, paying your team is one thing, but taking payment from customer brings up its own concerns. To ensure our customers’ information stays safe and that you can run your business with a minimum of hassle, Oxi Fresh has patterned with a dedicated credit card processor. They make taking payments over smartphones simple and secure, plus they provide excellent rates to our franchisees.

All that said, what do you do when something goes wrong? What happens if a technician gets in an accident or damages your equipment? We understand these concerns and that’s why Oxi Fresh has a group business insurance provider. They’ll not only ensure that you have the right coverage to protect your investment, but also work to get you excellent rates.

Insight Made Easy

For a carpet cleaning services franchise to excel, the entrepreneur in charge needs to be able to easily see and understand what’s working for their business. Oxi Fresh’s automated marketing reports do just that, showing you what works so that you can spend your marketing dollars effectively.

Where those reports will show you what campaigns are working, our automated customer surveys help you understand how your team is doing. Sent out nightly, these surveys give you insight into your technicians’ performance in the field. Are customers happy? Are there persistent issues? Is one team member excelling to the point where they could become your new manager? These customer satisfaction surveys can be invaluable as you refine and build your carpet cleaning business franchise team.

Accelerating Your Business

Great as all these tools are, if they’re locked behind a dozen different logins and usernames, there’s a good chance they’ll be more trouble than they’re worth. That’s why Oxi Fresh has created a true Single Sign On for all of these management programs.

With just one login, you and your team will have access to all of our operational and marketing options. There’s no logging in and out, no dozen usernames and passwords, no time wasted.

Beyond all of these automated tools, the Oxi Fresh Home Office team is here to support you as well. Our Support Line rings to every manager in the office, so if you ever need help, we’ll be there for you!

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