Oxi Fresh University

Oxi Fresh University

A cleaning franchise can be affected by a lot of different things, from the quality of its marketing to its operational strategy. Yet there’s one underlying thing that really affects this kind of business more than anything else: do you actually do a good job?

Whether it’s an oil-change or a haircut, no amount of branding will make up for bad results. This is doubly true in today’s world where one person’s complaint or praise can be heard by thousands of other customers through a review or social media post.

That’s why Oxi Fresh takes the training materials for our cleaning services franchises seriously. We know that for entrepreneurs to make the most of our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity, they need detailed but easy to understand training materials for their teams. That’s why we created Oxi Fresh University.

Intensive Online Training

Whenever a new employee joins your team, we enroll them in our online training courses. These lessons are built around professionally produced videos with clear visuals and narration. These courses are followed up by challenging tests with randomized questions designed to reinforce the content. With these lessons, your technicians can quickly learn about our system and be prepared to go out into the field.

The Oxi Fresh University courses include:

Product Mixing: Learn the best techniques for ensuring your products are effectively mixed so you can get superior cleaning results.

Carpet Cleaning: See how you can rescue carpets from dirt and debris with our propriety, green cleaning system.

Upholstery Cleaning: From sofas to chairs to ottomans, learn how Oxi Fresh handles upholstery with our low-moisture, easy-to-use cleaning machine.

Advanced Cleaning: Rust, wax, gum, wine – the spots that drive customers crazy are no problem for Oxi Fresh and our Advanced Cleaning System.

Total Odor Control: Discover how Oxi Fresh can handle any pet urine smell – as well as strong, lingering smoke odors – with our Total Odor Control Program.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Grimy grout lines and dingy tile are not a problem for us. Discover how you can refresh tile and grout with Oxi Fresh.

Wood Floor Cleaning: Revitalizing wood floors used to require sanding and refinishing – but not with Oxi Fresh. Learn how you can use our sandless wood floor cleanings to leave homes looking grand.

The University is a powerful training tool for our carpet business franchises, allowing you to quickly bring on and prepare new team members. Of course, it’s not the only training tool we have.

Oxi Fresh has an extremely detailed Cleaning Systems Manual that covers everything in the videos and more, including machine maintenance and sales techniques. Combine this with our Franchise Support Line, and you can rest easy knowing your team will have the knowledge they need to make a green cleaning franchise succeed.

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