Business Coaches

Business Coaches

We want to empower entrepreneurs, to provide support and systems that let people become successful franchisees. The Oxi Fresh Business Coaches are here to do that, helping launch our new locations and providing continued assistance to our experienced franchisees.

With their help, you can leap over the hurdles that slow down other startups and accelerate your business’s growth.

Launching Your Business

Just like any good coach, our team has worked hard to create a plan for new franchisees. This Launch Checklist covers everything you’ll need to learn, get, or understand to make operating a business easy. Whether it’s getting an LLC., choosing a good phone number, or establishing your online presence, the coaches will work through this exhaustive list to ensure you’re ready to go.

The Coach will also bring in our Home Office Team to help train the franchisee on specific programs and to introduce our franchise business culture. They’ll set up time with the Scheduling Center Manager for a series of training sessions on creating coupons, booking jobs, and much more. They’ll also get you in contact with the Director of Marketing, who will teach you how to use our online Ad Builder, Print Store, and much more.

In addition to all this, the Coach will also review the various other marketing and operational tools we have available. They’ll show you the basics of our programs and help you determine what will work well in your market. For internal tools, they’ll show you how to use and implement them; for programs with our vendors, they’ll introduce you to our account representatives to help get you started.

Coaching Plan

Coaches don’t stop once the team is in field, and neither do we either. Your coach will stay in touch with you, regularly reaching out to share best practices, help create franchise goals, and assist in any way they can. Their goal is help you drive your carpet cleaning franchise to new heights.

Just like any good relationship, our coaches are also there to listen, to bring feedback to our team, and share the innovations of local franchisees across our system. This two-way system ensures that our franchisees are not only getting the best from the Home Office, but also that all of our locations benefit from each other through our cooperative, professional culture of shared business.

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