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    Oxi Fresh Expertise Featured on

    This image shows a bottle of red wine pouring into a tilted, stemmed wine glass and features the Oxi Fresh logo in the upper-left corner. Shared Oxi Fresh’s Expert Advice Concerning Red Wine Stains and Carpets

    In a recent feature on titled “How to Get Red Wine Out of Your Carpet in 4 Easy Steps,” the unrivaled expertise of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning was prominently featured. In the weeks leading up to this article’s publication, Oxi Fresh’s Rob White connected with Martha Stewart’s team to share Oxi Fresh’s advanced carpet cleaning advice, which formed the basis for much of their recent article on red wine stains and DIY removal techniques.

    This detailed article, which was published online on August 1, 2023, leaned heavily on the knowledge provided by Oxi Fresh’s Rob White, underscoring the brand’s significant influence in the carpet cleaning space.

    Oxi Fresh’s Founder and CEO, Jonathan Barnett, expressed his thoughts on the feature, stating:

    “Having our cleaning tips featured by such a trusted, household name like Martha Stewart reaffirms our leadership position in the carpet cleaning world. It’s not just about cleaning at Oxi Fresh; it’s about knowledge, expertise, and providing real value to our customers. And it’s this commitment to excellence—from the skill and ability brought to every cleaning to our comprehensive franchisee support systems—that makes Oxi Fresh such an ideal franchising opportunity for so many people.”

    Unlocking Franchising Opportunities at Oxi Fresh

    For those keen on entering the carpet cleaning business, Oxi Fresh offers a compelling proposition. The company’s well-established reputation ensures that new Oxi Fresh franchisees align with a brand that stands out among consumers and businesses alike for its excellence in carpet cleaning.

    When you join the Oxi Fresh family, you’re joining an innovative industry leader with the resources and know-how needed to help you thrive.

    Major Benefits of Franchising with Oxi Fresh

    Oxi Fresh stands out among consumers for its exceptional cleanings and great customer service. But the brand also offers other major benefits to its franchisees, such as:

    • Industry Recognition: As highlighted by the recent Martha Stewart feature, Oxi Fresh is a go-to choice for modern carpet cleaning advice. Being associated with such a reputable brand brings trust and credibility to new franchisees as they get up and running.
    • State-of-the-Art Cleaning Systems: Oxi Fresh’s cutting-edge techniques, innovative technology, and eco-friendly products ensure that franchisees are always ahead of the competition in efficiently delivering top-notch services.
    • Comprehensive Support: Franchisees receive extensive training and ongoing support in marketing, scheduling, advanced cleaning techniques, and so much more, ensuring they are always well-equipped to handle any challenges presented by their business while maintaining the brand’s rigorously high standards.

    It’s worth noting that the feature on is not just a testament to Oxi Fresh’s cleaning capabilities but also a reflection of its deep-rooted knowledge in the broader carpet cleaning domain. The extensive advice offered by Rob White in the article demonstrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to knowledge-sharing, further solidifying its position at the pinnacle of the carpet cleaning industry.

    With Oxi Fresh, customers know they’re getting the best possible solution—whether that’s a quick DIY fix or a full-scale professional service, building trust and accountability on a national scale.

    Discover Oxi Fresh’s Expertise for Yourself

    To truly understand the depth of Oxi Fresh’s expertise, one must read the article on (or check out Oxi Fresh’s own consumer website for other useful information). The practical, step-by-step guidance provided in the Martha Stewart piece represents a small window into the vast library of knowledge possessed by the Oxi Fresh team.

    Your Next Step Forward

    If you’ve ever contemplated venturing into the carpet cleaning industry, there’s no better time than now. As the Martha Stewart feature has aptly showcased, aligning with Oxi Fresh means you’re not just buying into a business; you’re investing in an established reservoir of knowledge, recognized experience, and industry respect.

    To delve deeper into what Oxi Fresh has to offer, get in touch with the Oxi Fresh franchise development team today and explore the brand’s unparalleled franchising opportunities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Your journey to becoming a leader in carpet cleaning starts here.

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