Automated Marketing Programs

Automated Marketing Programs

Oxi Fresh believes in its carpet cleaning franchisees, in the entrepreneurs who have joined our brand. We know that they can make the most of any opportunity, and so we work to give them the tools they need to succeed.

As with all aspects of our business, though, we’ve found ways to make these tools work for our franchisees and not the other way around. Oxi Fresh has automated and streamlined many of our programs so that our carpet cleaning franchisees greater freedom and flexibility in developing their business.

Some of the most important automations we’ve put in place are marketing focused. With our automated email, text message and reminder postcard marketing programs, franchisees can reach their entire customer database quickly and easily.

Email Marketing

While it stopped being a novelty years ago, email marketing has not stopped being a highly effective form of advertising. With high ROI’s, improved conversion rates, and the fact that 72% of people prefer hearing from companies via email, it’s a highly effective marketing tool.

Oxi Fresh makes the most of this with our Spotlight Newsletter program, a monthly email that goes out to all Oxi Fresh customers. The newsletter combines soft and hard sale techniques, including Home & Garden articles that appeal to our demographic and special offers designed drive customers to action.

The email is automatically sent out every month and requires no setup on your part. With this program, our carpet cleaning franchises stay in front of customers throughout the year with minimal effort and expense.

Text Message Marketing

We don’t go anywhere without our phones, and we certainly don’t ignore them when they beep and buzz with a new text. In fact, the typical open time for a text message is just 90 seconds – which is incredibly quick.

Combine that with the fact that more and more consumers are making their purchasing decisions on their phones, and it’s plain to see that text message marketing is an effective advertising tool.

That’s why Oxi Fresh has invested in automated Text Message Marketing. With this fantastic program, our carpet cleaning franchises can easily send out texts to their whole database, reaching customers where they’re on the devices that are always by their side.

Reminder Postcards

Digital and mobile marketing is an important part of our platform, but that’s not the only way we reach customers. Oxi Fresh knows that there is still value in print; in fact, our Reminder Postcard nets our franchisees some of their best ROI’s.

Sent out to loyal customers who haven’t used Oxi Fresh in six months or longer, this postcard can get phenomenal results. To help our franchisees get the most out of this great tool, Oxi Fresh is currently automating this program.

Very soon, your customers will automatically get postcards at set intervals, reminding them of how your Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning franchise rescued their carpets in the past and how you’d love to serve them once more.

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