Professional Materials

Professional Materials

There’s an ocean of awful ads out there with hideous logos and terrible pictures courtesy of restaurants, cleaning franchises, lawyers, and the like. There are just as many mediocre ads, each one looking as dull as its neighbor.

Oxi Fresh franchisees never have to worry about getting lost among that sea of boring marketing. Our professional materials and attractive designs capture consumer attention straightaway, quickly and clearly showing them who we are and why we’re the best carpet cleaner out there.

Looking Fresh

Our materials run the gamut from traditional shared mail advertisements to trifold brochures to gift cards to in-home sales sheets. Our marketing team specially created each of these pieces using carefully thought out design and a portfolio of attractive photos.

No matter where you go – whether it’s a home and garden convention, a presentation for property managers, or just inside a customer’s home – you’ll have everything you need to make your Oxi Fresh cleaning services franchise stand out.

Oxi Fresh’s marketing materials don’t stop at print. We’ve also created an entire suite of online art and advertisements for your use on social media pages, daily deal sites, and anything else that will help customers find your cleaning business franchise.

These professional materials also highlight our Online Scheduler and support of This shows consumers we’re a modern company they can trust for both results and convenience, and demonstrate that we’re a business that cares about others.

Working for You

Having professional materials is one thing, but having the ability to quickly and easily modify them is another. Oxi Fresh offers both to our franchisees with our online Ad Builder. With this intuitive program, you can quickly modify our marketing materials, making tweaks and changes that will best suit the needs of your franchise.

But what if you need extensive changes to a piece? What if there’s an event you’re going to and want to brand your materials accordingly? Then the team at the Home Office will lend a hand. Our franchise marketing support team can make adjustments to materials so you get the most out of your advertising.

Oxi Fresh ensures that our franchisees always have the marketing they need to stand out above the waves of advertising mediocrity that drowns other businesses. With our professional materials, easy-to-use Ad Builder, and committed team, your carpet cleaning franchise will look professional, appeal to customers, and help you achieve your financial dreams and goals.

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