Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Coupon books, postcards, text messages, wrapped vehicles, online search – there are hundreds of ways a consumer can discover your carpet cleaning franchise. Knowing which ads drove them to make a buying decision (and which ads failed to do the same) is absolutely vital. As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is Power.”

Unfortunately for many businesses, they go without that power. They’re stuck guessing at why customers call in or why they don’t. Their struggle with incomplete knowledge means they can’t make fully informed decisions about how to best spend their marketing dollars.

Yet where they’re powerless, Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning franchisees have all the power they need. Thanks to our comprehensive marketing tracking program and real-time reporting, our entrepreneurs can clearly see what is and isn’t helping them grow their business.

A Modern Approach to Marketing

Every piece of marketing starts as a coupon in the Scheduling Software, an automatically calculated offer with a special code. When those specials go out, the codes are displayed clearly and prominently on the ads thanks to the work of our marketing team.

The Scheduling Center then collects these codes whenever customers call in; they can also enter these deals directly into our Online Scheduler. These codes unlock the specials on the coupon and give customers their discount. Of course, that’s not all they do.

Those codes also track how much a customer spends, data the Scheduling Software instantly converts into detailed marketing reports. By diving into these reports, you can see exactly both how overall campaigns and individual coupons are performing. The software can even plot those customers on a map, showing you how campaigns are performing in different areas.

With this information, Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning franchisees can truly and accurately analyze their marketing. There’s no guessing and no “what-ifs” when it comes to the results. You’ll plainly see if Coupon A is outperforming Coupon B. You can find out if emails are outperforming text messages. You’ll clearly see what specials are getting you the best results in what areas.

Oxi Fresh lets entrepreneurs say “Goodbye” to the marketing guessing game and “Hello” to real-time reporting that let’s them bring out the true potential of their carpet cleaning franchise opportunity.

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