A Powerful Brand with Protected Territories

A Powerful Brand with Protected Territories

Whenever someone sees a piece of franchise business marketing, they ask two questions: who are you and why should I care? Those questions rush through their mind in a split-second and how they answer decides whether or not they become your customer.

To make sure they come to the right answer, Oxi Fresh has created a powerful brand backed by modern marketing. Our comprehensive programs reach people wherever they are, highlighting our singular services and remarkable results.

Standing Out Online

And where are most customers these days? Online. Oxi Fresh has invested heavily in our online presence, working hand-in-hand with some of the SEO industry’s top experts. We’ve thoroughly optimized our consumer website to rank highly, and we’ve aggressively pursued local search optimization.

Thanks to our efforts, we’ve created a unified online presence across hundreds of listings and directories. This has driven our franchisees up through search and – coupled with our customer review efforts – has helped many locations dominate the first page of search.

Beyond this, Oxi Fresh franchisees also experience the benefits of our automated email and text message marketing programs. Working in sync with the Scheduling Software, these programs let you reach out to your database of customers and capitalize on their amazing experiences with Oxi Fresh.

Professional Design, Powerful Programs, Accurate Reporting

All of our advertising in both digital and print stands out thanks to its professional design. Created by our experts, Oxi Fresh marketing is eye-catching, easy to understand, and easy to customize with our Ad Builder software. The Oxi Fresh marketing support team can also help create customer local advertisements for your business.

Of course marketing doesn’t stop once a customer picks Oxi Fresh. Our Loyalty and Referral Program will encourage customers to keep using our services and to recommend their friends and family. With this program, our franchisees can maximize the benefits of their loyal customer base.

Having all of these programs is great for our franchisees, but having these options and understanding their impact are two different things. That’s why we’ve also created automatic marketing reporting in the Scheduling Software. With these reports, you’ll have important insight into what’s driving your business’s growth and what you can do to boost your location even more.

Protected Territories

With all of these programs and tools, though, how does Oxi Fresh ensure that the right customers go to the right cleaning franchises? Through protected territories. Oxi Fresh franchisees are not allowed to market in each other’s areas without agreeing to cooperate on that advertising.

This prevents internal competition – franchisees taking jobs from each other – and instead creates a spirit of collaboration. Our locations can work together, using our various marketing programs in tandem to boost their businesses.

With all of these fantastic tools – with our online marketing, automated programs, our professional materials, our franchise marketing support, our Loyalty and Referral Program, automatic reporting, and protected territories that allow for cooperation rather than competition – you’ll have everything you need to make sure your customer knows who you are and why they should chose you.

In the service business, reputation is everything!
Over 291,529 reviews - 4.65 ranking score.

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