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    Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning: A Top Home Maintenance Service Franchise

    Three Oxi Fresh vans sit outside a row of suburban homes. Light from the sunrise highlights the cars and the buildings.

    Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Appears in New Rankings from

    Oxi Fresh, a carpet cleaning franchise brand that provides green carpet cleaning services throughout Canada and the United States, has just appeared in new rankings from, earning the number 4 rank in the company’s list of today’s best Home Maintenance Service franchises. 

    This is a meaningful honor for the carpet cleaning franchise, as is an independent authority on the strength and weaknesses of franchise brands, having evaluated and ranked more than 12,000 franchising opportunities to date. They consider a wide variety of factors in their analyses, such as growth prospects for the brand, the amount of marketing and other support franchisees can expect to receive, and the overall value of the opportunity.

    After assigning a score to each of these various factors, they use those scores to rank franchising opportunities within various given industries. Their rankings also list other useful information, covering topics like investment requirements and fee and royalty structures. 

    Oxi Fresh is pleased to find itself highly ranked as a result of this rigorous analysis. With a maximum possible score of 100 points, Oxi Fresh earned an impressive 97.4 points, with scores of 96 in growth prospects, 97 in marketing support, 98 in training, 97 in ongoing support, and 99 in value. 

    Jonathan Barnett, Oxi Fresh’s Founder and current CEO, was proud to see his team’s hard work recognized in these rankings: 

    “When someone does a deep dive into our carpet cleaning franchising opportunities, it becomes pretty apparent that Oxi Fresh is a powerful, differentiated brand with a proven cleaning system that delivers great results and experiences for our customers. Of course, we also offer industry-leading levels of service and support for our franchisees. At the end of the day, we’re just delighted to see Oxi Fresh continue to get the recognition we know it deserves within the franchising space.” 

    Oxi Fresh Franchising: A Top-Ranked Maintenance Brand

    Over the years, Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning franchise opportunity has earned many awards and other accolades from various publications, including not just franchising sites like but also major media platforms like Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazine. Smaller publications have even covered some of these pieces from the bigger platforms, showcasing the importance of Oxi Fresh’s media coverage and rankings. 

    As an example of this, a construction industry publication called Commercial Construction & Renovation just published a brief article describing Oxi Fresh’s franchising opportunities, which highlighted the fact that, back in October, Oxi Fresh was ranked #9 among all Home Maintenance Service franchises by Again, this piece also included a comment from Oxi Fresh’s founder, which speaks to the reasons for Oxi Fresh’s franchisee success:

    “Over the years, we’ve been working hard to give franchisees programs and tools that enable them to focus on growing their business instead of just getting stuck running it. We operate a Scheduling Center to manage the franchisees’ incoming calls, we built various automated marketing tools, we have online training systems, and so much more. By empowering our franchisees with these programs, we believe we’ve created one of the top franchise opportunities out there today.”

    Beyond the appointment scheduling and comprehensive training systems that Oxi Fresh provides its franchisees, the company has established numerous systems and processes that greatly strengthen its carpet cleaning franchisees’ operations, allowing those franchisees to focus on growing their business—not just managing day-to-day administrative tasks. This includes technological resources, like a powerful business management software platform, as well as a wide variety of marketing tools and support, from SEO resources to advertising guidance and regular social media content. 

    Carpet Cleaning at Oxi Fresh

    With these extensive support systems and services in place, Oxi Fresh franchisees are given a great opportunity to both focus on growth in their businesses and to provide a top-quality cleaning service to the communities they serve. 

    Many Oxi Fresh franchisees also appreciate the eco-friendly nature of Oxi Fresh’s carpet cleaning system, which utilizes safe, green cleaning compounds, energy-efficient machines, and water-conserving methods. This means Oxi Fresh customers can count on Oxi Fresh to deliver a safe, green carpet cleaning that doesn’t compromise on quality and effectiveness. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about franchising at Oxi Fresh or are ready to take the first step towards bringing its carpet cleaning system to your community, please get in touch with the Oxi Fresh team through the form available at You can find a variety of useful resources therein as well.