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    Oxi Fresh Franchisee Brings Green Carpet Cleanings to Fenton, MI

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    Marissa Brenton is Proud to Offer Eco-Friendly Cleanings to the Community

    Fenton, MI – Marissa Brenton, a local Fenton entrepreneur, is proud to bring a new, eco-friendly cleaning service to the community—Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. The carpet cleaning franchise offers a powerful cleaning method that is famous for both its effectiveness, fast dry times, and its green products and processes.

    Sustainability has always been important for Marissa, and so when she began looking into franchise opportunities, one of her focuses was finding a brand that prioritized eco-friendliness. “We’re proud that Marissa chose Oxi Fresh as her franchise,” said Rob White, the Director of Cleaning Systems, “She’s bringing a truly modern and green system to all of her neighbors.”

    Mr. White went on to describe the various eco-friendly advantages that Marissa’s green Fenton carpet cleanings will provide. They include:

    • Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions: Over the years, Oxi Fresh has worked hard to develop a suite of carpet cleaning products that are extremely effective at breaking down dirt and grime. These products, while tough on dirt, are also safe for people, pets, and the planet. One of the company’s core cleaning solutions, the Encapsulator, even has the EPA’s Safer Choice label.
    • Water Conservation: Oxi Fresh’s Fenton carpet cleaning process isn’t a traditional steam cleaning method. Instead, it relies on its green solutions and pile-lifting machine to transform carpets. This means Marissa’s carpet cleanings don’t require 40-60 gallons of water to clean a home—she and her team just need about two gallons. That’s a 95% reduction in water usage.
    • Energy-Saving Machines: Because Oxi Fresh is a low-moisture cleaner, it doesn’t need to power its equipment with a truck-mounted system; a normal wall outlet is all that Oxi Fresh needs. That means less air pollution and greater energy efficiency when you pick Oxi Fresh.

    “Oxi Fresh has worked hard to create a system that gets results and helps protect our shared environment,” said Rob, “And I can’t think of someone better than Marissa to bring these services to Fenton.”

    In addition to offering carpet cleaning services in Fenton, Marissa and her team will also provide upholstery cleaning, advanced stain removal, and odor control processes. “Oxi Fresh can do so much in your home,” said Jonathan Barnett, Oxi Fresh’s founder and CEO, “and if you live in or around Fenton, you should give our processes a try!”

    To schedule a Fenton carpet cleaning, visit or call 1-877-OXIFRESH. To read the full article about Marissa Brenton on, click here.