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    2022 – The Year of Oxi Fresh Expansion

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    Carpet Cleaning Franchise Seeks to Continue Strong 2021 Growth

    LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Following a year of expansion across the United States and Canada, the carpet cleaning franchise Oxi Fresh seeks to continue the trend in 2022. The previous year saw the brand launch dozens of new locations, bringing its famous eco-friendly, fast-drying cleaning process to many communities. Its target for 2022? Sixty new carpet cleaning locations.

    While the carpet cleaning franchise has offerings throughout the United States and Canada, it had certain metro areas it is particularly interested in this year. These include Los Angeles, Boston, Oregon, Sana Fe, and Tampa.

    “Sixty locations is an ambitious goal,” said Matt Kline, Director of Franchise Development, “But we know it’s possible and sustainable. Oxi Fresh has created a powerful business support platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to join our brand. From day one, they’ll be on a fast-track to launching their locations and providing customers with world-class services.”

    The Many Advantages of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

    Mr. Kline went on to detail some of the specific tools and programs Oxi Fresh provides its carpet cleaning franchisees. Two of these examples were the Scheduling Center and the company’s business support platform:

    “Imagine how difficult it is for a start-up service company to not only handle customer appointments but also manage all of the calls,” said Mr. Kline, “Your day is being constantly interrupted by people with questions and reschedules—people you can’t ignore. They’re your customers, after all. So you either have to live with those interruptions or hire someone to handle the calls. That, in turn, means creating scripts, managing more employees, and so on and so on.”

    “At Oxi Fresh, we eliminate that problem by running a centralized Scheduling Center out of the Home Office. We staff the Scheduling Center with expertly trained representatives who can answer questions about Oxi Fresh, help customers schedule their appointments, and assist with many other matters. That means, as a carpet cleaning franchisee with Oxi Fresh, you can focus on growth and development instead of getting stuck on the phone all day.”

    Regarding the business support platform, Matt Kline explained how the carpet cleaning franchise company had brought various tools together into one convenient place for its franchisees. “If you’re running a business solo, you’ll have to spend significant time and money trying to find the best vendors, and then you have to deal with a dozen or more different accounts. Just getting data from one program to another can be a pain. That combined with a plethora of other tasks means you spend more time on the daily grind than on growth.”

    “Not so with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. We’ve brought our various vendors, tools, and programs into one connected platform. Users can switch between ordering marketing materials to online training to our customer relationship management software quickly and easily. No hassle, better data sharing, and more time to spend pursuing opportunity.”

    Learn More About the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

    Want to learn more about Oxi Fresh? Visit to read more about its cleaning process or schedule a cleaning appointment. Interested in opening a franchise yourself? Go to to learn more. You can also read the original article about Oxi Fresh’s plans to grow in 2022 here.