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The Passion Behind the Business


Entrepreneur Magazine Interviews Carpet Cleaning Franchise Founder

Lakewood, Colo. – Jonathan Barnett, the founder and head of the carpet cleaning franchise company Oxi Fresh, was interviewed for the September edition of Entrepreneur Magazine. In the article, written by Hayden Field, Mr. Barnett discusses both what drove him forward as an entrepreneur and how his company is helping its franchisees pursue growth.

“It’s been a long journey since I first opened my carpet cleaning franchise in 2006,” said the entrepreneur, “And I’ve learned a lot. Interviews like this are a chance to share my story, my successes, and my failures. I hope the article helps future entrepreneurs, current business owners, or those looking to open their own Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise.”

In the interview, Mr. Barnett and Ms. Field specifically talked about passion, specifically what the passion behind Oxi Fresh was – a Christian basketball ministry called Crossover International. This organization frequently traveled abroad where it would run basketball training camps, share the Gospel message, and play exhibition games against local teams. Oxi Fresh was originally founded with a goal of helping fund this project.

While Crossover is no longer running, Oxi Fresh is still making an effort to give back. To that end, the company works hand-in-hand with Water.org. For every job that customers schedule online, Oxi Fresh gives to this nonprofit that helps families throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin American get access to safe water and sanitation solutions.

“Water.org is an amazing organization,” said Mr. Barnett, “They’ve helped tens of millions of people around the world and are always ready to do more. We’re proud to help support them.”

The Scheduling Center and Protected Territories

After talking about the passion behind Oxi Fresh, the interview shifted to discussing some of the advantages Oxi Fresh offered its carpet cleaning franchisees. Specifically, Mr. Barnett and Ms. Fields talked about the company’s Scheduling Center and protected territories.

The Scheduling Center is a centralized call center operated by the carpet cleaning franchise’s Home Office. It manages all customer calls, scheduling appointments, answering questions, and helping customers in general. This allows franchisees to focus on business development rather than having to answer all their calls.

“We answer the phones for all our franchisees across the country so they can prioritize working on their businesses,” said Mr. Barnett, “It also allows them to scale, to let go in order to grow.”

Further helping the franchisees are the company’s protected territories. Unlike many cleaning companies, Oxi Fresh franchisees are not allowed to freely market in each other’s territories. This prevents internal competition and fosters a cooperative environment.

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