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Leadership Team

Jonathan Barnett, President & CEO of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Jonathan Barnett - President & CEO, MBA, CFE

“Oxi Fresh is what customers were waiting for. They were sick of long dry times, spots coming back, and the harsh chemicals of many steam cleaners. Oxi Fresh has changed all that, and now customers can look forward to a carpet cleaning instead of dreading it.”

As a carpet cleaning company, Oxi Fresh has set itself apart from the competition. Unlike traditional companies, we offer fast-drying carpet cleanings, eco-friendly systems, and a business platform that fully embraces the power that modern technology offers.

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This radical approach to building a carpet cleaning company has resulted in a fast growing, award winning brand. Oxi Fresh has hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada and is quickly becoming a household name.

Despite that rapid advancement, the brand was only founded in 2006. But it was how the brand was founded that has led our company to truly stand out from competitors. From the very beginning, our company left the normal, accepted paths of carpet cleaning companies thanks to the drive and convictions of our founder, Jonathan Barnett.

A Carpet Cleaning Revolutionary

The carpet cleaning industry before Mr. Barnett was rather stuck in its ways. Steam carpet cleaning was the norm. Customers expected long, annoying dry times of 12-24 hours. Spots coming back was fairly normal. And among certain cleaners, overcharging, overselling, and deceptive pricing practices were taken as routine. On top of this, many brands were using extremely outdated technology and systems.

Mr. Barnett saw all this both as an unfortunate situation for consumers and an opportunity. He founded Oxi Fresh on modern principles and modern technology. The carpet cleaning company employed a low-moisture system that dries in just about one hour. Green methods became a major focus, getting quality results while also protecting the environment. As a franchise brand, the company implemented clear policies so that customers could feel confident about getting exactly what they asked for.

Behind the scenes, Mr. Barnett implemented a variety of marketing and operational systems designed to help franchisees truly accelerate their businesses. From automated email marketing to a custom-built customer relationship management platform, these tools and programs have proven instrumental to the company’s growth.

The company’s strong performance has resulted in frequent industry recognition. Oxi Fresh was ranked as a Top Franchise to Buy in Forbes, placed in the Franchise Business Review Hall of Fame, has earned a spot in the Franchise 500 for a decade, and has been recognized by Franchise Update Magazine, Franchise Gator, Franchise Times, and many other publications. Mr. Barnett has spoken on Fox News, on the Thrive Time Podcast, and was included in Global Franchise Magazine’s list of top 20 keynote speakers.

Thrivetime Podcast featuring Jonathan Barnett

Before the Brand – How Jonathan Barnett Became an Entrepreneur

Mr. Barnett’s journey towards entrepreneurship started with his grandfather and mother.
The latter had always demonstrated an enormous work ethic, raising him while earning first her masters and then her doctorate. The former was both an inventor and an entrepreneur, whose energy and joy took root in a young Jonathan.

Mr. Barnett earned his BS in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University in just three years, during which time he also opened his first business. Established during his first summer at college, Johnny B’s Fireworks helped pay for his education. In fact, it actually grew to four locations, and he ended selling the business upon graduation.

While at ORU, Mr. Barnett played on their D1 basketball team and served as their chaplain for two years. Mr. Barnett, who has always loved basketball, decided to use his knowledge of the game to establish Crossover International. This non-profit ministry traveled overseas with Christian athletes to run basketball camps and share the Gospel. While no longer active, Mr. Barnett greatly values the impact Crossover had.

Mr. Barnett then pursued post-graduate studies, earning his MBA from Colorado Christian University in 2005. He also joined the IBL that year, purchasing a professional basketball franchise and naming them the Colorado Crossover. His two seasons owning the team further stoked an interest in franchising that helped create Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning.

Founded in mid 2006, his carpet cleaning company already had seventeen territories in five state by the end of the year. That growth continued year after year, leading the company to have over 300 locations within the first ten years, a truly amazing growth rate in the franchising world.

The carpet cleaning company has earned numerous awards and accolades over the years. It’s twice been ranked in the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the USA. Oxi Fresh has also been recognized for ten years in the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards, which earned them a spot in the Franchise Business Review Hall of Fame. On top of that, Forbes ranked Oxi Fresh as their #3 Top Franchise to Buy in the United States. The company has also ranked in the Franchise 500 for ten years in a row.

“As a carpet cleaning company,” said Mr. Barnett, “I feel that Oxi Fresh is truly exceptional. We’ve combined the power of oxygen with revolutionary technology. Together, they make for world-class entrepreneurial experience for carpet cleaning franchisees and an amazing cleaning experience for customers.”

When not at work, Mr. Barnett spends his time with his lovely wife Vanessa, their five beautiful children (Janessa, Jazelle, Jayden, Justice, and Jonathan), and their wonderful dog Roman. Mr. Barnett loves spending his time watching his kids at all of their various sporting and school activities. He also enjoys attending basketball games, football games, and concerts.

Kris Antolak, Vice President of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Kris Antolak - Vice President, CFE

“My team and I are committed to providing our customers and carpet cleaning franchisees with world class service.”

Ever since Kris started with Oxi Fresh, he’s demonstrated an absolute commitment to outstanding service and a drive to make our company the best it can be.

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A 2002 graduate of Maranatha Christian Center, Kris attended Front Range and Metro State and spent nearly a decade in the customer service industry, learning valuable skills and techniques for providing exceptional service.

When he joined Oxi Fresh in 2009, Kris started as a Customer Service Representative but quickly became the Quality Assurance Supervisor. In 2010, Kris was promoted to the Scheduling Center Manager position and from there he was promoted to the Director of the “Heart of the Business.”

Building Up the Heart of the Business

In these positions, Kris helped pushed the carpet cleaning franchise’s Scheduling Center to new heights. He changed policies, updated scripts, improved training, and instituted quality controls that made the center both more efficient and service oriented.

“The Scheduling Center is where it all started for me,” said Kris, “but it’s also where it all starts for the customer. Save for marketing, the Scheduling Center is their first real interaction with our brand, and it’s definitely their first person-to-person interaction. I worked to make that process as friendly and professional as possible, as well as ensuring that the calls are efficient and we get all the information we need for our carpet cleaning franchisees.”

In addition to running Oxi Fresh’s Scheduling Center, Kris also opened his first carpet cleaning franchise location in Ohio in 2010, followed by a second location in 2012. Always eager to expand, in 2013 Kris opened three more Oxi Fresh locations in Colorado.

“If you believe in something, you buy into it,” Kris said, “and I believe in Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – I wouldn’t be a multi-unit franchisee if I didn’t.”

Always Growing, Always Advancing

By the end of 2013, Kris also became the Director of Franchise Development and led his team to one of Oxi Fresh’s best sales years ever. His hard work and endless determination pushed the company towards unprecedented levels of growth by bringing on strong carpet cleaning franchisees.

At the end of 2014, Kris’s exceptional work both in the Scheduling Center and in Franchise Development earned him the title of Vice President. He now helps guide the Management Team, leading them on their projects and making sure Oxi Fresh’s future stays bright.

“I can’t say how proud I am to have come this far with Oxi Fresh,” Kris said, “When I first started here at the ground level, the company was still pretty young. Over the years, I’ve worked to strengthen our brand by both providing our cleaning franchisees with the support they need and by helping entrepreneurs find the right carpet cleaning franchise opportunity in Oxi Fresh. I look forward to continuing my work to make Oxi Fresh the best it can be.”

Kris’s role within the company expanded further when Oxi Fresh was joined by its sister-brand, Midtown Chimney Sweeps. Serving as their Director of Franchise Development, Kris has guided the company’s rapid expansions across the U.S. He’s even helped it grow directly by opening four Colorado Midtown locations in 2015. Combined with his Oxi Fresh units, Kris owns a grand total of nine locations.

When Kris is away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves playing basketball or any other kind of sport, is a big Broncos fan, and he’s always ready to have a good time with his friends. Kris married his wife Jolene in June of 2008 and now has three beautiful children, Brady, Brooke, and Bentley.

Matt Kline, Franchise Developer with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Matt Kline - Director of Franchise Development

“It’s through entrepreneurship that people can move out of the corporate world and take life by the horns. I’m here to help those people find the right business model that can help them achieve their dreams and goals.”

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning takes great pride in its many franchisees across the United States and Canada. We have over three hundred and fifty locations led by amazing entrepreneurs who are out there every day, rescuing carpets, guiding their teams, and building strong businesses.

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Oxi Fresh wouldn’t be where it is today without these carpet cleaning franchisees, and one of the people responsible for bringing so many great people into our brand is Matt Kline, our Director of Franchise Development

Prior to joining Oxi Fresh, Matt studied at the University of Northern Colorado, where he both graduated with a degree in business and got his first taste of entrepreneurship. While still studying, Matt owned and operated a service based landscaping company, which he sold when he moved back to Denver in 2010.

After working in IT sales for four years, Matt joined Oxi Fresh in early 2014 as one of our Franchise Developers. Since then, Matt and the rest of the development team onboarded over seventy new locations. Matt also became a franchise owner himself, starting an Oxi Fresh location that serves Northern Colorado.

“I’m proud to say that I both award carpet cleaning franchise opportunities to those looking to be their own boss and that I have one of those franchises myself. Oxi Fresh has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I’m thrilled to be a part of both the Home Office team and our franchisees out in the field.”

Given his commitment to the brand and his success in helping Oxi Fresh expand, Matt was named our Director of Franchise Development in early 2018. In this role, Matt has helped Oxi Fresh continue its expansion across the United States and Canada, leading up both the marketing and operational side of franchise development. His insights into the world of franchising have also been recognized by the industry – he’s a frequent guest on the Thrivetime Podcast, one of the world’s top business podcasts out there.

Thrivetime Podcast featuring Matt Kline

When he’s not making calls, you can count on Matt to be fulfilling his secondary role at Oxi Fresh – Chief Creator of Fun. He loves joking around, being a goof, and trying to get everyone smiling.

“We work hard here at Oxi Fresh, so it’s important that we also have a good time. If a day doesn’t go by where I haven’t made someone laugh, it means I’m not doing my job.”

When he’s not at work, Matt enjoys playing competitive sports, like basketball, golf, and extreme thumb wrestling. He also loves going to BBQs with the family and hanging out with his nieces when he can.

Rob White, Director of Cleaning Systems of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Rob White - Director of Cleaning Systems & Onboarding Specialist

“Our proprietary products and revolutionary cleaning system mean our carpet cleaning franchisees are one step ahead of their competition.”

Rob White is the expert when it comes to rescuing carpets. As the Director of Cleaning Systems for our cleaning franchise, he has solutions to whatever challenges our franchisees face in the field.

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Rob studied at Southern Nazarene University, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. After graduation, Rob traveled the world playing professional basketball across Europe and Asia. During his years of playing, he developed his leadership skills and formed well-rounded view of life that has served him well.

Part of the Team

When he returned the States, Rob began working with Oxi Fresh. Starting as a technician in 2006 for our first carpet cleaning franchise, he quickly demonstrated his hard work, commitment, and quick grasp of the intricacies of cleaning chemistry and science. As a result, Rob was named the Director of Cleaning Systems in 2007 and the head of Oxi Fresh’s corporate location.

Since then, Oxi Fresh has greatly expanded on our service and product lines, giving franchisees more and more tools to fight though dirt and stubborn stains. Where our cleaning franchise started with just two products, we now have dozens that let us treat upholstery, tile and grout, wood floors, advanced staining, and advanced odors.

“The systems we have in place for our cleaning franchise have really developed over the last ten years. Our products are better and greener than ever, giving customers the results they desire and our franchisees an unparalleled level of cleaning power.” Rob said, “And thanks to our expanded services, we can get at dirt and debris just about anywhere in the home. Whether it’s the wood floor in the dining room, the sofa in the sitting room, or the carpets in the bed room, we’ll get them looking fresh.”

Helping New Franchisees

Rob also helps the franchisees in his role as our Onboarding Specialist. In this role, he helps new franchisees who have just entered the system, teaching them about our cleaning system, our marketing tools, our operational support programs, and even more. He takes pride in helping franchisees getting a running start when they open a carpet cleaning franchise.

“Whether it’s guiding a veteran franchisee through how to tackle a tough spot or training a new franchisee on our business support platform, I’m here to help them. I believe we have the best systems out there, and I want to make sure each and every franchisee gets the most out of Oxi Fresh.”

When he’s not working, Rob spends his time with his wife and four daughters. He also spends time as a basketball coach and trainer, teaching both the fundamentals of the sport and life skills that will help young players lead productive and successful futures.

Erin Hogan

Erin Hogan - Director of Marketing

“Emails, coupons, text messages, radio ads, PPC – there are a million ways you can market a carpet cleaning franchise. Oxi Fresh is here to make things simple. We have automated systems, top-notch vendors, and support tools designed to make advertising easy and effective.”

You can’t have a business without customers, and you can’t get customers without marketing. But how do you get good marketing? You need compelling design, an understanding of the customer journey, and the know-how to interact with a variety of vendors and software systems. That’s asking a lot, though, isn’t it?

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As a company, Oxi Fresh’s mission is to make the whole marketing process simple. Via automation and well-thought out systems and tools, the company is able to empower franchisees to get the most out of their advertising without having to spend endless hours on it.

The person behind these time-saving, productivity boosting systems is Erin Hogan, the Director of Marketing.

Making the Most of Marketing

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, a minor in Digital Media Studies, and years of experience in franchising, Erin knows just what to do to help carpet cleaning franchisees as they pursue growth.

“Opening a business is a great opportunity and a challenge. Our team at Oxi Fresh is here to mitigate the latter so you can focus on the former,” said Ms. Hogan, “We do that through automating programs like email marketing, reporting, our print and apparel store, and much more. After all, the less time you spend on a daily grind just, the more time you have to build up your franchise.”

Erin’s goal of eliminating busywork for the carpet cleaning franchisees comes from Oxi Fresh’s philosophy of “Speed Through Systems.” The more the brand can do to create automation, the more time it can spend helping franchisees and developing new tools for them.

Email marketing is an excellent example of this. If you didn’t have Oxi Fresh’s various tools and systems, sending a marketing email would require dealing with a vendor, various logins, and multiple software programs – plus you have to collect or purchase all of the emails while ensuring you’re following advertising laws.

Oxi Fresh, on the other hand, has the Scheduling Center collect all the emails which are entered into the CRM. These automatically flow over to the email platform without you having to do a thing. Erin then schedules regular emails to go out for all of our various locations so you don’t have to. So what would normally take hours can take almost no time at all for you.

Of course, there are plenty more programs Ms. Hogan oversees, all of which help build up the brand and the franchisees. On top of that, there are also the various vendor relationships she’s helped cultivate, getting franchisees access to a variety of better deals.

Happy to Help

Naturally, it’s not just automated systems. As the Director of Marketing, Ms. Hogan is ready to help the company’s carpet cleaning franchisees at all times. If you need help finding the best marketing options in your area or want advice on how to reach out to consumers, Ms. Hogan is happy to help.

When she’s not at work, Erin loves going hiking and camping, spending time with her dogs Otis and Rufus, and attending concerts at Red Rocks. She also loves to paint, shifting between surrealist portraits to still-life to landscapes.

Kelli Smith, Scheduling Center Manager of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Kelli Smith - Director of Scheduling Center

“The Scheduling Center is the Heart of the Business. We make sure your customers are taken care of so that you can focus on developing your business.”

One of the major advantages Oxi Fresh provides our franchisees is our National Scheduling Center that serves the United States and Canada. This internally operated Scheduling Center is on the phones Monday through Saturday, answering your calls, booking jobs, and keeping you up to date in the field.

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The brain behind this operation is Kelli Harbaugh, the Director of the Scheduling Center. As the head of this department, she’s always working hard to ensure her staff are providing excellent customer service, that the systems and technology behind the scenes are running smoothly, and that technicians are getting the right information at the right time.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into answering these calls,” Kelli said, “but all that work makes it so our franchisees can focus on their work. They can take care of their customers, expand their team, and grow their business instead of answering call after call all day long.”

Before becoming the Director of the Scheduling Center, Kelli first worked as one of the company’s Customer Service Representatives. Hired in 2010, she was quickly promoted to a Team Lead within nine months. From there, she was named the Scheduling Center Manager in 2014 and is now leading as the director.

“Kelli’s an amazing part of our team,” says Jonathan Barnett, the company’s president and CEO, “I couldn’t be more proud of the work she’s done.”

Outside of work, Kelli is always with her husband Scott and sons Jayden and Jace, enjoying family time together and DIY projects.

Jordan Keith, Operations Manager of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Jordan Keith - Director of Operations, CFE

“By facilitating the work between our vendors, franchisees, and the Home Office team, we can push Oxi Fresh towards greater levels success.”

Behind every carpet cleaning is a franchise, and behind every franchise is the Home Office. In between all that are layers and layers of programs, software, vendors, and relationships that make it possible for Oxi Fresh to provide truly phenomenal cleanings.

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The man that helps keep all of those wheels turning is Jordan Keith, our Director of Operations. Every day, he’s hard at work to keep Oxi Fresh’s day-to-day operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Jordan graduated from the University of Denver with a BS in 2010. After working at Citywide Home Loans where he learned about financing and compliance, he joined the Oxi Fresh team.

Working at first as a corporate assistant, Jordan helped the various departments and the company’s president with a wide-range of tasks and projects. Everyone here was impressed with his abilities and commitment, making him the perfect choice for our new Operations Manager in 2015.

He’s continued to prove himself more than capable  with his sharp focus and commitment to getting quality results for Oxi Fresh and our franchisees. In 2018 he was promoted to our Director of Operations, and he’s been doing a great job.

When away from the office, Jordan is a big fan of outdoor activities, watching sports, and hanging out with his friends and his pup Rooney.

Cameron Welch, Commercial Accounts Manager with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Cameron Welch - Commercial Accounts Manager & Oxi Fresh of Denver Manager

“There’s a fantastic opportunity in the world of commercial cleaning for our carpet cleaning franchisees. We offer a unique service that cleans deep, dries fast, and does so while still being green. You couldn’t ask for a better service for commercial clients who depend on fast turnarounds and minimal downtime.”

Appearances matter – every business owner will tell you that. If a store is dirty, an office is crummy, or a restaurant looks dingy, customers won’t come and employees will be less productive. That’s why the commercial cleaning market is so large and also why it can be an invaluable part of any Oxi Fresh franchise.

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But jumping into the commercial market is quite a bit different than the residential. In order to help our carpet cleaning franchisees make the most of this market, Oxi Fresh has created a special position on our team – the Commercial Accounts Manager – and brought on an excellent team member, Cameron Welch.

Making Sales, Training Teams

Mr. Welch has had plenty of experience in both the customer service and sales world, experience that has given him profound insights on how to best work with commercial clients.

In his role as the Commercial Accounts Manager, he’s brought those talents to bear. He’s gained numerous clients for Oxi Fresh’s corporate franchise location – everything from movie theaters to office complexes to multi-unit housing properties. Of course, it’s not just about gaining clients. Mr. Welch has also worked hard to build strong relationships with each of these businesses, to ensure his team provides an exceptional service, and to make sure clients know about the quality work they’re receiving.

That’s not his only responsibility as the Commercial Accounts Manager. Mr. Welch also trains franchisees on how to make the most of the commercial world. He hosts in-depth training sessions that cover everything from gaining clients, to maintaining relationships, to how to do the cleanings. These lessons are immensely valuable to our franchisees who want to make the most of the commercial market.

“Getting into commercial can be a challenge for a brand new carpet cleaning franchise,” said Mr. Welch, “Beyond the basic questions of how to get the work and how to best manage clients, there’s also the challenge of learning to become a salesman, getting used to hearing potential clients say no, learning how to negotiate, etc. I’m here to help our franchisees learn how to do all that so they can add this important revenue steam.”

Leading Oxi Fresh’s Corporate Location

Mr. Welch’s also leads the corporate carpet cleaning franchise in Lakewood, CO – the original location that started it all. It’s been a great opportunity for Mr. Welch to both further the growth of the business and to train new franchisees who are just joining the Oxi Fresh system.

“It’s really an honor to guide Oxi Fresh’s first franchise location into future. I’m proud of the team I’m building at Denver and the high quality services we’re bringing to customers. Additionally, I’m always excited when I get to show new carpet cleaning franchisees the ropes during their Discovery Day training.”

Mike Burton - Franchise Developer

“Our carpet cleaning franchises are a great opportunity for quality entrepreneurs. We supply powerful support systems and tools that enable franchisees to really take their future into their own hands. That’s why I always feel honored when I have the opportunity to award a franchise to a new member of the Oxi Fresh family.”

Opening a franchise is both exciting and intimidating. When you open a franchise, you break out of the normal 9-5 and start to create your own future. The hours you work, the effort you put in, the growth of your location – it depends on you. The future is yours to make, with all its risks and its opportunities.

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But as a carpet cleaning franchise with Oxi Fresh, you’re certainly not alone. Just like the brand has done with hundreds of other locations, their comprehensive support systems and friendly staff are there to make your franchise journey as smooth as possible.

Of course, learning all about the advantages of the Oxi Fresh system is key to the decision making process of any potential franchisee. That’s why Mike Burton is here to help. As a Franchise Developer, he’ll walk you through the in’s and out’s of Oxi Fresh, put you in contact with other franchisees, and get you access to the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

Franchising From Both Sides

As a Franchise Developer with Oxi Fresh, Mike works to clearly explain Oxi Fresh’s various systems to those interested in owning a franchise. As potential franchisees reach out to us, he contacts them promptly to help them understand the brand’s advantages and to discover if it’s a good fit.

Via regular calls and helpful emails, Mike explains how Oxi Fresh functions both as a company and as a franchise. This helps these entrepreneurs see the many advantages the Oxi Fresh brand offers.

These advantages include everything from a central Scheduling Center that manages all calls to a powerful online plan that gets franchisees ranking at the top of their local online markets. Then there’s the powerful cleaning system, our various automated marketing programs, and much more. It’s a lot to go through, but Mr. Burton will help make all these advantages clear.

“Oxi Fresh is truly a franchisee’s franchise,” said Mike, ‘It was built from the ground-up to help franchisees make the most of their markets by empowering them with tools, support, and technology. It’s why I’m so proud to both award carpet cleaning franchises in my role as a developer and to be a franchisee myself.”

With three franchises in Montana and North Dakota, Mike very much knows the benefits of our brand. He’s used them all to his advantage in order to build strong franchises.

Big Family

While Mike is busy with work and his franchises, he always makes sure to spend lots of time with his wife Nycole and their kids Ty, Ella, Elijah, Avalyn, and Jocelyn. They all love spending time together and living the good life!

Joshua Morse Profitability Coach with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Joshua Morse - Online Marketing Manager

In the service business, reputation is everything!
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