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Leadership Team

Jonathan Barnett, MBA - President & CEO, CFE

Jonathan Barnett, President & CEO of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

“We’ve formed a dream team of franchise professionals committed to franchising excellence and to our carpet cleaning franchisees’ success.”

Back in 2006, Jonathan Barnett opened a carpet cleaning service business, a little, one-location operation called Oxi Fresh. From that one location, he’s made Oxi Fresh into an international business with over 300 locations across the United States and Canada. So how did it happen? What inspired Jonathan to create one of the fastest growing carpet cleaning franchises out there?

It all started back when Jonathan began studying for a BS in Business Administration at Oral Roberts University in 1999. While most students his age would have been content to just study, Jonathan decided to found a business. Johnny B’s Fireworks was a summer business that proved to be a booming success (figuratively), and he was able to expand operations every year and eventually sell it when he graduated.

Studies and business kept him busy, but not busy enough. Jonathan also played on the university’s Division 1 basketball team and served as its chaplain for two years. His experience with the team and his faith led him to create Crossover International in 2001.

This non-profit basketball ministry took Christian athletes overseas in order to share the Gospel and build relationships with the kids who attended their camps and games against professional club teams. During its existence, Crossover took eleven tours of Europe, held twenty camps, and played over one hundred games.

Graduating a year early in 2002, Jonathan decided to continue his education in graduate school. In 2003 he began courses at Colorado Christian University. In early 2005, he purchased a professional basketball franchise in the IBL, naming it the Colorado Crossover, which he owned for two seasons before moving on.

The experience with the IBL increased his interest in franchising opportunities. From that keen interest and passion for competition and success, Oxi Fresh was born.

Starting with just two products, two phones, and one computer in the Denver area, Oxi Fresh quickly expanded. Customers loved our green, low-moisture system, and the Scheduling Center gave franchisees a unique advantage over other brands. As a result of Jonathan’s careful planning, the company expanded to over 15 territories in that first year alone.

Since then, the company has continued to grow in terms of both its size and what it offers franchisees. Today, it has expanded to over 320 locations in North America and is looking to offer Master Franchises internationally.

The company has built a custom-built Customer Relationship Management software platform, established numerous automated marketing tools, added layer after layer of operational tools and support, and established a single-sign-on platform that connects all of these features for the franchisees.

The company’s hard work and growth has frequently caught the attention of industry observers, earning the green cleaning franchise dozens of awards. They’ve been recognized by or featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Inc. magazine, Franchising USA, Franchise Times magazine, Franchise Update magazine, AllBusiness.com, Franchise Gator, the Franchise Business Review, and were named one of the best franchises to buy in America by Forbes magazine in 2013.

Jonathan has made Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning a powerhouse of a brand, one that leaves customers satisfied and gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to achieve their financial dreams and goals. Of course, Jonathan being Jonathan, he’s already working on new plans to make the cleaning franchise opportunity even better than before!

Kris Antolak - Vice President, CFE

Kris Antolak, Vice President of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

“My team and I are committed to providing our customers and carpet cleaning franchisees with world class service.”

Ever since Kris started with Oxi Fresh, he’s demonstrated an absolute commitment to outstanding service and a drive to make our company the best it can be.

A 2002 graduate of Maranatha Christian Center, Kris attended Front Range and Metro State and spent nearly a decade in the customer service industry, learning valuable skills and techniques for providing exceptional service.

When he joined Oxi Fresh in 2009, Kris started as a Customer Service Representative but quickly became the Quality Assurance Supervisor. In 2010, Kris was promoted to the Scheduling Center Manager position and from there he was promoted to the Director of the “Heart of the Business.”

In these positions, Kris helped pushed the carpet cleaning franchise’s Scheduling Center to new heights. He changed policies, updated scripts, improved training, and instituted quality controls that made the center both more efficient and service oriented.

“The Scheduling Center is where it all started for me,” said Kris, “but it’s also where it all starts for the customer. Save for marketing, the Scheduling Center is their first real interaction with our brand, and it’s definitely their first person-to-person interaction. I worked to make that process as friendly and professional as possible, as well as ensuring that the calls are efficient and we get all the information we need for our carpet cleaning franchisees.”

In addition to running Oxi Fresh’s Scheduling Center, Kris also opened his first carpet cleaning franchise location in Ohio in 2010, followed by a second location in 2012. Always eager to expand, in 2013 Kris opened three more Oxi Fresh locations in Colorado.

“If you believe in something, you buy into it,” Kris said, “and I believe in Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – I wouldn’t be a multi-unit franchisee if I didn’t.”

By the end of 2013, Kris also became the Director of Franchise Development and led his team to one of Oxi Fresh’s best sales years ever. His hard work and endless determination pushed the company towards unprecedented levels of growth by bringing on strong carpet cleaning franchisees.

At the end of 2014, Kris’s exceptional work both in the Scheduling Center and in Franchise Development earned him the title of Vice President. He now helps guide the Management Team, leading them on their projects and making sure Oxi Fresh’s future stays bright.

“I can’t say how proud I am to have come this far with Oxi Fresh,” Kris said, “When I first started here at the ground level, the company was still pretty young. Over the years, I’ve worked to strengthen our brand by both providing our cleaning franchisees with the support they need and by helping entrepreneurs find the right carpet cleaning franchise opportunity in Oxi Fresh. I look forward to continuing my work to make Oxi Fresh the best it can be.”

Kris’s role within the company expanded further when Oxi Fresh was joined by its sister-brand, Midtown Chimney Sweeps. Serving as their Director of Franchise Development, Kris has guided the company’s rapid expansions across the U.S. He’s even helped it grow directly by opening four Colorado Midtown locations in 2015. Combined with his Oxi Fresh units, Kris owns a grand total of nine locations.

When Kris is away from the office he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He loves playing basketball or any other kind of sport, is a big Broncos fan, and he’s always ready to have a good time with his friends. Kris married his wife Jolene in June of 2008 and now has three beautiful children, Brady, Brooke, and Bentley.

Erin Hogan - Director of Marketing

“Marketing is changing. Our carpet cleaning franchise is going to change with it.”

A graduate of the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Digital Media Studies, Erin is ever conscious of the evolution of marketing, whether it’s new social media methods or design strategies.

As the Director of Marketing at Oxi Fresh, Erin works to implement these new ideas and find ways to achieve Oxi Fresh’s marketing goals. She works every day to help each and every Oxi Fresh Franchisee become the top carpet cleaner in their area – and to make Oxi Fresh the number one carpet cleaner in the world.

“There are a lot of franchising companies out there who give their franchisees a bit of artwork, an ad or two, and a branded uniform,” said Erin, “that’s not Oxi Fresh. Our carpet cleaning franchisees have a significant number of tools at their disposal, each designed to attract consumers and lay out exactly why Oxi Fresh is the superior choice.”

In her free time, Erin enjoys hiking, camping and going to concerts at Red Rocks. She also loves to paint, shifting between surrealist portraits to still-life to landscapes.

Rob White - Director of Cleaning Systems

Rob White, Director of Cleaning Systems of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

“Our proprietary products and revolutionary cleaning system mean our carpet cleaning franchisees are one step ahead of their competition.”

Rob White is the expert when it comes to rescuing carpets. As the Director of Cleaning Systems for our cleaning franchise, he has solutions to whatever challenges our franchisees face in the field.

Rob studied at Southern Nazarene University, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. After graduation, Rob traveled the world playing professional basketball across Europe and Asia. During his years of playing, he developed his leadership skills and formed well-rounded view of life that has served him well.

When he returned the States, Rob began working with Oxi Fresh. Starting as a technician in 2006 for our first carpet cleaning franchise, he quickly demonstrated his hard work, commitment, and quick grasp of the intricacies of cleaning chemistry and science. As a result, Rob was named the Director of Cleaning Systems in 2007 and the head of Oxi Fresh’s corporate location.

Since then, Oxi Fresh has greatly expanded on our service and product lines, giving franchisees more and more tools to fight though dirt and stubborn stains. Where our cleaning franchise started with just two products, we now have dozens that let us treat upholstery, tile and grout, wood floors, advanced staining, and advanced odors.

“The systems we have in place for our cleaning franchise have really developed over the last ten years. Our products are better and greener than ever, giving customers the results they desire and our franchisees an unparalleled level of cleaning power.” Rob said, “And thanks to our expanded services, we can get at dirt and debris just about anywhere in the home. Whether it’s the wood floor in the dining room, the sofa in the sitting room, or the carpets in the bed room, we’ll get them looking fresh.”

Rob has overseen all this growth while also being responsible for training new carpet cleaning franchisees and providing continued assistance for owners in the field. Rob, an IICRC-certified professional, is also in charge of finding new ways to improve on our current system. After all, at Oxi Fresh our goal is to always improve and provide the best for our franchisees and customers.

“No matter how tough the spot or built-up the stain, we’re always here to support our carpet cleaning franchisees,” said Rob, “We’re ready to answer their questions and to get them the solutions they need to any cleaning problem. I know that Oxi Fresh provides the best cleanings out there, and I can’t wait to teach you about our revolutionary system.”

When he’s not working, Rob spends his time with his wife and four daughters. He also spends time as a basketball coach and trainer, teaching both the fundamentals of the sport and life skills that will help young players lead productive and successful futures.

Jordan Keith - Operations Manager

Jordan Keith, Operations Manager of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Kelli Smith - Scheduling Center Manager

Kelli Smith, Scheduling Center Manager of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Joshua Morse - Profitability Coach

Joshua Morse Profitability Coach with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Matt Kline - Franchise Developer

Matt Kline, Franchise Developer with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Cameron Welch - Commercial Accounts Manager

Cameron Welch, Commercial Accounts Manager with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Jordan LaBelle - Copywriter

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