Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Jonathan Barnett - President & CEO, MBA, CFE

“Oxi Fresh is what customers were waiting for. They were sick of long dry times, spots coming back, and the harsh chemicals of many steam cleaners. Oxi Fresh has changed all that, and now customers can look forward to a carpet cleaning instead of dreading it.”

Kris Antolak Kris Antolak

Kris Antolak - Vice President, CFE

“My team and I are committed to providing our customers and carpet cleaning franchisees with world class service.”

Ever since Kris started with Oxi Fresh, he’s demonstrated an absolute commitment to outstanding service and a drive to make our company the best it can be.

Rob White Rob White

Rob White - Director of Cleaning Systems & Onboarding Specialist

“Our proprietary products and revolutionary cleaning system mean our carpet cleaning franchisees are one step ahead of their competition.”

Rob White is the expert when it comes to rescuing carpets. As the Director of Cleaning Systems for our cleaning franchise, he has solutions to whatever challenges our franchisees face in the field.

Matt Kline Matt Kline

Matt Kline - Director of Franchise Development

“It’s through entrepreneurship that people can move out of the corporate world and take life by the horns. I’m here to help those people find the right business model that can help them achieve their dreams and goals.”

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning takes great pride in its many franchisees across the United States and Canada. We have over three hundred and fifty locations led by amazing entrepreneurs who are out there every day, rescuing carpets, guiding their teams, and building strong businesses.

Erin-Hogan Erin-Hogan

Erin Hogan - Director of Marketing

“Emails, coupons, text messages, radio ads, PPC – there are a million ways you can market a carpet cleaning franchise. Oxi Fresh is here to make things simple. We have automated systems, top-notch vendors, and support tools designed to make advertising easy and effective.”

You can’t have a business without customers, and you can’t get customers without marketing. But how do you get good marketing? You need compelling design, an understanding of the customer journey, and the know-how to interact with a variety of vendors and software systems. That’s asking a lot, though, isn’t it?

Jordan Keith Jordan Keith

Jordan Keith - Director of Operations, CFE

“By facilitating the work between our vendors, franchisees, and the Home Office team, we can push Oxi Fresh towards greater levels success.”

Behind every carpet cleaning is a franchise, and behind every franchise is the Home Office. In between all that are layers and layers of programs, software, vendors, and relationships that make it possible for Oxi Fresh to provide truly phenomenal cleanings.

Kelli Harbaugh Kelli Harbaugh

Kelli Harbaugh - Director of Scheduling Center

“The Scheduling Center is the Heart of the Business. We make sure your customers are taken care of so that you can focus on developing your business.”

One of the major advantages Oxi Fresh provides our franchisees is our National Scheduling Center that serves the United States and Canada. This internally operated Scheduling Center is on the phones Monday through Saturday, answering your calls, booking jobs, and keeping you up to date in the field.

Cameron Welch Cameron Welch

Cameron Welch - Commercial Accounts Manager & Oxi Fresh of Denver Manager

“There’s a fantastic opportunity in the world of commercial cleaning for our carpet cleaning franchisees. We offer a unique service that cleans deep, dries fast, and does so while still being green. You couldn’t ask for a better service for commercial clients who depend on fast turnarounds and minimal downtime.”

Appearances matter – every business owner will tell you that. If a store is dirty, an office is crummy, or a restaurant looks dingy, customers won’t come and employees will be less productive. That’s why the commercial cleaning market is so large and also why it can be an invaluable part of any Oxi Fresh franchise.

Joshua Morse Joshua Morse

Joshua Morse - Online Marketing Manager

“The world of online marketing is vast and complex. If you want to rank well online, there are numerous databases, highly technical directories, and countless profiles that have to be carefully managed. Oxi Fresh is here to handle all of that for our carpet cleaning franchisees. We’ll take care of it so that you can focus on growing your business.”

The world lives online. People chat with their friends through social media, share their stories on blogs, do their shopping through any number of digital stores, read the news, and do a thousand other things. Most important to us, though, is that it’s also how customers find service brands these days. When a client wants a carpet cleaned, they look online.

Mike Burton Mike Burton

Mike Burton - Franchise Developer

“Our carpet cleaning franchises are a great opportunity for quality entrepreneurs. We supply powerful support systems and tools that enable franchisees to really take their future into their own hands. That’s why I always feel honored when I have the opportunity to award a franchise to a new member of the Oxi Fresh family.”

Opening a franchise is both exciting and intimidating. When you open a franchise, you break out of the normal 9-5 and start to create your own future. The hours you work, the effort you put in, the growth of your location – it depends on you. The future is yours to make, with all its risks and its opportunities.

Andy Mathurin Andy Mathurin

Andy Mathurin - Franchise Developer

“If you’re looking to build a better life for you and your family, if you want to become your own boss, if being an entrepreneur is a dream of yours, Oxi Fresh could be the right opportunity for you. Let’s explore together where our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity can fit in your future.”

If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur, in stepping outside the normal career path to build your own way forward, you’ll want to do your research. After all, a good business person always looks before they leap, spotting the advantages and challenge each potential opportunity offers them.

In the service business, reputation is everything!
Over 282,286 reviews - 4.65 ranking score.

Our customers love Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning!
…our franchise owners love having 5-Stars next to their name on Google.

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