Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Oxi Fresh is an environmentally friendly, green carpet cleaning company. Our #1 goal is to provide the highest quality carpet cleaning experience in the industry to our customers. We accomplish this with excellent service and support throughout all levels of the company.

Superior Cleaning, Superior Products, Superior Service

Oxi Fresh is a results-driven cleaning franchise. Whenever we clean, our mission is to not just clean the carpets, but to revitalize them. We want to erase years of soiling in order to leave the floors feeling truly fresh.

That’s why we created a cleaning system that combines the power of oxygen with a highly effective encapsulator and a revolutionary machine. Together, they make for a system that’s both easy to operate and incredibly effective.

For our customers, that means carpets that look years younger. For our carpet cleaning franchisees, that means an efficient, business-friendly cleaning system with low overhead. It’s the best of both worlds for customers and entrepreneurs alike.

The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

In providing the best carpet cleanings out there, Oxi Fresh is also committed to helping keep our planet green. After all, what good is a clean carpet if we use pointlessly harsh chemicals, employ inefficient practices, or waste colossal amounts of water?

That’s why we use carpet cleaning solutions that destroy dirt while still being safe for the planet. Our cleaning equipment is energy efficient as well, and we conserve vast quantities of water. In fact, we’ve helped conserve over 30 million gallons of water since 2006!

All of this means customers can rest easy knowing their carpets are getting world-class treatment without causing harm to the planet. Our carpet cleaning franchisees can also feel confident in their system, certain that they’re helping keep their local communities green and healthy with our revolutionary cleaning system.

A Team Committed to Quality

At the foundation of everything we do for Oxi Fresh is a simple question: “Are we making customers happy?” Throughout all levels of our organization, that question is our focus, and our goal is to always answer it with a resounding, “Yes.”

In our Scheduling Center, the representatives answer calls and help customers book their appointments quickly and easily. In the field, our technicians leave homes feeling fresh while offering customers friendly service.

Our carpet cleaning franchisees work diligently behind the scenes to ensure their customers receive the highest levels of service. Supporting them is the Home Office, providing the tools and programs the franchisees use to run their businesses.

Together, we all make it possible for customers to receive carpet cleanings that truly exceed their expectations. From the first friendly call to the cleaning to the software that sends them special offers and tracks their satisfaction, the whole Oxi Fresh system is committed to our mission of providing the highest quality cleaning experience in the industry.

In the service business, reputation is everything!
Over 282,537 reviews - 4.65 ranking score.

Our customers love Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning!
…our franchise owners love having 5-Stars next to their name on Google.

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