Cameron Welch

Cameron Welch

Commercial Accounts Manager & Oxi Fresh of Denver Manager

Cameron Welch Cameron Welch

“There’s a fantastic opportunity in the world of commercial cleaning for our carpet cleaning franchisees. We offer a unique service that cleans deep, dries fast, and does so while still being green. You couldn’t ask for a better service for commercial clients who depend on fast turnarounds and minimal downtime.”

Appearances matter – every business owner will tell you that. If a store is dirty, an office is crummy, or a restaurant looks dingy, customers won’t come and employees will be less productive. That’s why the commercial cleaning market is so large and also why it can be an invaluable part of any Oxi Fresh franchise.

But jumping into the commercial market is quite a bit different than the residential. In order to help our carpet cleaning franchisees make the most of this market, Oxi Fresh has created a special position on our team – the Commercial Accounts Manager – and brought on an excellent team member, Cameron Welch.

Making Sales, Training Teams

Mr. Welch has had plenty of experience in both the customer service and sales world, experience that has given him profound insights on how to best work with commercial clients.

In his role as the Commercial Accounts Manager, he’s brought those talents to bear. He’s gained numerous clients for Oxi Fresh’s corporate franchise location – everything from movie theaters to office complexes to multi-unit housing properties. Of course, it’s not just about gaining clients. Mr. Welch has also worked hard to build strong relationships with each of these businesses, to ensure his team provides an exceptional service, and to make sure clients know about the quality work they’re receiving.

That’s not his only responsibility as the Commercial Accounts Manager. Mr. Welch also trains franchisees on how to make the most of the commercial world. He hosts in-depth training sessions that cover everything from gaining clients, to maintaining relationships, to how to do the cleanings. These lessons are immensely valuable to our franchisees who want to make the most of the commercial market.

“Getting into commercial can be a challenge for a brand new carpet cleaning franchise,” said Mr. Welch, “Beyond the basic questions of how to get the work and how to best manage clients, there’s also the challenge of learning to become a salesman, getting used to hearing potential clients say no, learning how to negotiate, etc. I’m here to help our franchisees learn how to do all that so they can add this important revenue steam.”

Leading Oxi Fresh’s Corporate Location

Mr. Welch’s also leads the corporate carpet cleaning franchise in Lakewood, CO – the original location that started it all. It’s been a great opportunity for Mr. Welch to both further the growth of the business and to train new franchisees who are just joining the Oxi Fresh system.

“It’s really an honor to guide Oxi Fresh’s first franchise location into future. I’m proud of the team I’m building at Denver and the high quality services we’re bringing to customers. Additionally, I’m always excited when I get to show new carpet cleaning franchisees the ropes during their Discovery Day training.”

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