Mike Burton

Mike Burton

Franchise Developer

Mike Burton Mike Burton

“Our carpet cleaning franchises are a great opportunity for quality entrepreneurs. We supply powerful support systems and tools that enable franchisees to really take their future into their own hands. That’s why I always feel honored when I have the opportunity to award a franchise to a new member of the Oxi Fresh family.”

Opening a franchise is both exciting and intimidating. When you open a franchise, you break out of the normal 9-5 and start to create your own future. The hours you work, the effort you put in, the growth of your location – it depends on you. The future is yours to make, with all its risks and its opportunities.

But as a carpet cleaning franchise with Oxi Fresh, you’re certainly not alone. Just like the brand has done with hundreds of other locations, their comprehensive support systems and friendly staff are there to make your franchise journey as smooth as possible.

Of course, learning all about the advantages of the Oxi Fresh system is key to the decision making process of any potential franchisee. That’s why Mike Burton is here to help. As a Franchise Developer, he’ll walk you through the in’s and out’s of Oxi Fresh, put you in contact with other franchisees, and get you access to the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

Franchising From Both Sides

As a Franchise Developer with Oxi Fresh, Mike works to clearly explain Oxi Fresh’s various systems to those interested in owning a franchise. As potential franchisees reach out to us, he contacts them promptly to help them understand the brand’s advantages and to discover if it’s a good fit.

Via regular calls and helpful emails, Mike explains how Oxi Fresh functions both as a company and as a franchise. This helps these entrepreneurs see the many advantages the Oxi Fresh brand offers.

These advantages include everything from a central Scheduling Center that manages all calls to a powerful online plan that gets franchisees ranking at the top of their local online markets. Then there’s the powerful cleaning system, our various automated marketing programs, and much more. It’s a lot to go through, but Mr. Burton will help make all these advantages clear.

“Oxi Fresh is truly a franchisee’s franchise,” said Mike, ‘It was built from the ground-up to help franchisees make the most of their markets by empowering them with tools, support, and technology. It’s why I’m so proud to both award carpet cleaning franchises in my role as a developer and to be a franchisee myself.”

With franchises in Montana, North Dakota, and Green Bay Mike knows the benefits of our brand. He’s used them all to his advantage in order to build strong franchises.

Big Family

While Mike is busy with work and his franchises, he always makes sure to spend lots of time with his wife Nycole and their kids Ty, Ella, Elijah, Avalyn, and Jocelyn. They all love spending time together and living the good life!

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