Erin Hogan

Erin Hogan

Director of Marketing

Erin-Hogan Erin-Hogan

“Emails, coupons, text messages, radio ads, PPC – there are a million ways you can market a carpet cleaning franchise. Oxi Fresh is here to make things simple. We have automated systems, top-notch vendors, and support tools designed to make advertising easy and effective.”

You can’t have a business without customers, and you can’t get customers without marketing. But how do you get good marketing? You need compelling design, an understanding of the customer journey, and the know-how to interact with a variety of vendors and software systems. That’s asking a lot, though, isn’t it?

As a company, Oxi Fresh’s mission is to make the whole marketing process simple. Via automation and well-thought out systems and tools, the company is able to empower franchisees to get the most out of their advertising without having to spend endless hours on it.

The person behind these time-saving, productivity boosting systems is Erin Hogan, the Director of Marketing.

Making the Most of Marketing

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, a minor in Digital Media Studies, and years of experience in franchising, Erin knows just what to do to help carpet cleaning franchisees as they pursue growth.

“Opening a business is a great opportunity and a challenge. Our team at Oxi Fresh is here to mitigate the latter so you can focus on the former,” said Ms. Hogan, “We do that through automating programs like email marketing, reporting, our print and apparel store, and much more. After all, the less time you spend on a daily grind just, the more time you have to build up your franchise.”

Erin’s goal of eliminating busywork for the carpet cleaning franchisees comes from Oxi Fresh’s philosophy of “Speed Through Systems.” The more the brand can do to create automation, the more time it can spend helping franchisees and developing new tools for them.

Email marketing is an excellent example of this. If you didn’t have Oxi Fresh’s various tools and systems, sending a marketing email would require dealing with a vendor, various logins, and multiple software programs – plus you have to collect or purchase all of the emails while ensuring you’re following advertising laws.

Oxi Fresh, on the other hand, has the Scheduling Center collect all the emails which are entered into the CRM. These automatically flow over to the email platform without you having to do a thing. Erin then schedules regular emails to go out for all of our various locations so you don’t have to. So what would normally take hours can take almost no time at all for you.

Of course, there are plenty more programs Ms. Hogan oversees, all of which help build up the brand and the franchisees. On top of that, there are also the various vendor relationships she’s helped cultivate, getting franchisees access to a variety of better deals.

Happy to Help

Naturally, it’s not just automated systems. As the Director of Marketing, Ms. Hogan is ready to help the company’s carpet cleaning franchisees at all times. If you need help finding the best marketing options in your area or want advice on how to reach out to consumers, Ms. Hogan is happy to help.

When she’s not at work, Erin loves going hiking and camping, spending time with her dogs Otis and Rufus, and attending concerts at Red Rocks. She also loves to paint, shifting between surrealist portraits to still-life to landscapes.

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