Our Values

Our Values

Throughout all levels of our cleaning franchise, we all share one goal – to be O.X.I.F.R.E.S.H! We always want to serve each other and serve each other well, and we do that by being Friendly, Respectful, Ethical, providing Superior Service, and remembering to Have Fun!


  • Wear a smile on your face and reveal it in your voice
  • Make each person you interact with feel important
  • Acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake and apologize

When a customer is afraid they might have to tear out their old carpets, it’s amazing how a smile can ease their worries. Our carpet cleaning franchise business is committed to being friendly and to helping our customers, vendors, employees, and franchisees.

No matter what the need, question, or concern, we work hard to get people what they need. After all, no concern is unimportant, and everyone at our carpet cleaning franchise wants to help. When things don’t go according to plan, you can count on Oxi Fresh to make things right and apologize for any mistakes.


  • Let your words be helpful, heartfelt, and encouraging to others
  • Reserve your opinions and actions until you have listened
  • Work as a team

Whenever we speak to a customer, reach out to a business partner, or have a conversation with one of our carpet cleaning franchisees, we always want to be helpful and respectful. We always want to listen to concerns and questions and to seriously consider what others have to say.

Oxi Fresh always strives to work as a team throughout all levels of our company. The technician in the field, the representative on the phone, the franchisee, and the team at the Home Office all work as one to provide the best results for our customers.


  • Do the right thing
  • Let your deeds reflect professionalism, good character, and integrity
  • Act responsibly

At Oxi Fresh, we always want to do the right thing. Our goal is to be professional, to provide great service, and to always take care of our customers, franchisees, employees and business partners.

We also take great pride in giving back to the community by supporting Water.org. For every cleaning that customers book online through www.oxifresh.com, we donate to this amazing non-profit.

Superior Service

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Work diligently
  • Earn our customers’ trust by being reliable, efficient and honest

Every carpet is an opportunity to show customers the remarkable cleaning power of Oxi Fresh. Our carpet cleaning franchise teams take pride in rescuing even the most soiled floors through their diligent work and our modern cleaning system.

Whenever customers need a cleaning, they can trust our reliable, efficient services to leave their homes feeling fresh.

Have Fun!

Life can get busy, so it’s always important to remember to have fun!

In the service business, reputation is everything!
Over 291,529 reviews - 4.65 ranking score.

Our customers love Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning!
…our franchise owners love having 5-Stars next to their name on Google.

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